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Игровые периоды: II.02 BBY и V.34 ABY

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Тайко Селчу, Джобин Мотма, Исанн Айсард
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...во всей руководящей структуре Империи права были у всех, в той или иной степени,
и меньше всего их доставалось сенаторам.
Garm Bel Iblis

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[AU] Without me you would be dead

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Cassian Andor, Kay Tooesso

Время: 11 BBY
Место: in a galaxy far, far away
Описание: Cassian is old enough to start helping out on missions, but apparently he isn’t old enough to do it on his own.

the timeline

10.V — Cassian is assigned to be Kay’s trainee
11.V — Kay and Cassian get their first mission and discuss how to approach it. Sometime later that day they go to Uquine.
20.V — a woman comes to them with a job, “a simple fishing tool which can provide access to internal messages of any network it’s implemented into.” They suspect she’s from a cell. (And she is from a fake one.)
21.V — in the morning after finishing the job they talk about why Cassian things the Empire is bad. Cassian passes the finished job back to the woman. Kay tinkers with commlinks turning them into GPS, and in the evening they both go to a (rebel) talk at a cantina called Low Deck. There are people watching them at the cantina. Kay gets thoroughly drunk, and Cassian has to drag him home. The apartment didn’t get searched as Kay thought it would.
22.V — Kay tasks Cassian with asking around about the people who watched them in the cantina the day before. Cassian learns from his friends that there are two cells, one is fake, the other is not.
25.V — a twi’lek and a woman (from a real cell) ambush Kay and Cassian on their home from a grocery store. They demand explanation about Cassian asking around risky question a few days ago. Turns out, the rebels know the woman, Marani, too. Cassian and Kay learn that Marani was about to switch sides when she was killed—right after she collected their work. Kay is forced to show the twi’lek his slave marks so the rebels would let them both go. Finally, they exchange contacts.
26.V — Kay suddenly leaves Cassian alone and goes looking for the Imperial cell.
27.V — The next day the fake cell comes and searches the apartment while Cassian is out.
29.V — a man (Elek), saying he’s from a local rebel cell, comes to Cassian with a job, he wants a simple decoding program.
30.V — Not succeeding in his endeavour, Kay returns to the apartment where he left Cassian. They exchange the news. Cassian explains what he did while Kay was absent and they come to the conclusion that their landlord is a part of the game, possibly helping the fake cell. They contact the rebel cell and learn that they got searched by the fake cell. Kay infects the datadisk Cassian is going to give their new client (Elek) from the day before with a virus to learn their hiding spot.
31.V — Cassian goes to pass the datadisk to the client (Elek). His task is to get intel but instead he gets kidnapped by Elek.

[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

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    In the hastiness of their departure, Kay forgets his initial plan to eliminate every single one of Imperial agents around Uquine. However, if they are all like Mist and his accomplice, then there is nothing to worry about. Besides, not getting captured themselves at the moment is more important. Kay rubs at his eyes, sitting in his seat in the cockpit, and busies himself with the take-off procedures. It’s a miracle they didn’t get stopped, so they better not stretch their luck.
    “It was the landlord,” Kay says tiredly in between talking to a dispatcher. “Recognized me from the good old days.”
    It takes them another fifteen minutes to get off the planet and into space, and only then Kay admits he is tired. The buzz of adrenalin is slowly subsiding. The nav computer is calculating their route home. Kay set it to make something in between twenty to thirty jumps, so it’s going to take a while—just in case anyone decides to follow them. He rubs at his eyes again, putting down the headphones, and turns his head to Cassian.
    “You did well. Congratulations on beating the odds,” Kay sighs and gets up. “Put the ship into the hyperspace and go sleep yourself. You can ask me a whole bunch of questions when we both wake up if you want.”
    Kay starts walking away but then stops and turns back, “It wasn’t your fault they got me, I provoked them on purpose. It was the only way to learn if they got you or not. Do I have to bring a cup of caf here or you okay conjuring one in your mind to help you stay concentrated? And you better not skip sleeping. I have to teach you how to write reports before we get to the base.”
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]He needs a moment to remember what caf has to do about the hyperspace. Then he remembers. It was what, last month, and yet he remembers it as something distant, from precious lifetime. Before the mission started he was worried about entering and leaving the hyperspace. The rest seemed to be so easy.
Cassian shakes his head.
"I'm good. Thanks, Kay."
It is much easier now: he remembers they flight here, him entering and leaving the hyperspace, and the memory keeps him confident and concentrated. The ship jumps - and there's a white light and a quiet hum, mesmerizing, sedating. Cassian yawns and drags himself from his sit.
He is so tired he can almost feel a cot hugging him when he finally lies down. Instead of sleeping though Cassian thinks for a bit. He has a lot to think about.
About his odds. The second time should be easier, but the possibility of him dying is still high. After the first mission he treats numbers more seriously. It's not a game, not an adventure. People die on missions, and people get caught. Even when you do well, you just can't predict everything and people might get hurt.
About his questions. There's so many things he wants to know about Kay. So many things he wants to hear from him.
About his Kay. He used to be curious about him, and then he despised him, and now he likes him with all his heart.
About what happens next. What will their second mission be like? Is report writing interesting? What will the general say when he knows how well Cassian did? Did he really do well?
Questions and thoughts crowd round until there's a gridlock, and only then Cassian gives it up to the sleep.



    The kid says he’s going to be alright, and Kay trusts him. He goes straight to bed, barely manages to undress he’s so tired. Sleep claims him immediately, not leaving any time for obsessively overthinking his own emotions or his own life choices. He wakes up to the hum of the hyperspace jump, the ship rattling ever so slightly around him, the room dark and quiet. All the pains of yesterday catching up to him, his wrists still aching from the ropes.
    Kay stays lying in bed. His deal was, if he gives the Empire this, they will let him go. He doubts they will, of course, he’s not a moron, but they might. They might. If he plays his cards just right, they might. Kay doesn’t like how long it takes him to convince himself it’s a valid plan. He doesn’t like pretending to betray the Empire to then betray the Rebellion, but the greater fates of the galaxy don’t exactly concern him. His folks are gone, so it’s only him, and he doesn’t have to care about anyone else out there.
    Except for Cassian.
    Damn that kid.
    Kay sighs and gets up, carefully reassembling his calmness and his usual demeanor. What if he does ask the general to reassign the kid? What would his arguments even be? The mission is a kriffing success, and he can’t understate the kid’s input. Kay sits in the teeny tiny kitchen eating his porridge and feels trapped by the circumstances. The general will refuse him if there isn’t a good reason, and Kay sees none. Cassian is indeed doing good. He’s a smart kid. He also has this magical ability to charm old and gruff Imperial agents, apparently.
    Kay imagines how it would go if he tells Cassian the truth. The kid would definitely never forgive him, that’s for sure. But then he will also give Kay away to the general, and there isn’t any need to guess whose words they are going to believe. So that’s off the table then. What would be his other options? Defect completely? Mist was right, the Empire will find him. He knows too much, he has too many skills that can be easily used against them, and above all, he’s ruthless.
    Kay muses over killing the kid, saying it was an accident on the mission. It was his first, and he didn’t survive, it happens. It’s a very plausible explanation. The general probably won’t care. The general will be pissed at him for not doing everything in his power to save the kid. It isn’t a particularly good strategy, in the long run, the general being the one who shields Kay from everyone’s distrust.
    Why didn’t they stop on Cassian disliking him because of Fest, for star’s sakes, that would be perfect.
    Kay washes the dishes and sits back at the table with a cup of caf. He fetches a datapad—their belongings collected from the flat by the local rebels, thankfully, everything intact—and starts writing a report template he can use to explain Cassian how to write about the mission. The kid doesn’t have to do it this time or anytime in the future if they stay partnered, but it’s good to know. Also, it distracts Kay from thinking.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian doesn't know how long did he sleep. He knows how to measure time in his mind, of course. Theoretically. In reality he still needs some help with this. Usually Cassian relies on small details around him, but in the hyperspace it's impossible. When he fell asleep, there was the hyperspace. When he wakes up - there still is.
Cassian stretches his muscles and lets his eyes mindlessly wander around his cabin. It should look like he has lived here for a while, and it sure does, but it doesn't feel like it's his. It's perfectly understandable, but still makes him think. He thinks too much now and believes that's Kay's, well, not fault, but an influence, an impact. Is that for good or for better?
He doesn't know. He isn't tired anymore, that's something. Kay must be already up. It's either that or someone broke into their ship while being in the hyperspace and casually drinks caf.
The smell is different, but Cassian still smells it, and it's nice. Everything in space is. The humidity is too low, so tastes are a little bit tasteless, smells a little bit scentless. That's why pilots like caf. It's not about extra energy, not about taste. It's just nice to have something that strong you can smell it even in the hyperspace.
He follows that smell and leans in the doorway watching Kay working. Does Kay have some place he feels is his? Does he need one?
"What you gonna do when the war ends?" he asks.



    Kay doesn’t answer, just motions with his hand towards the caf pot, wordlessly suggesting Cassian pours himself some before sitting down. The template he’s working on is almost done, and he intends to finish it before getting into any lengthy discussions. He also needs some time to think. It’s not like the thought of doing something once he gets out has never crossed his mind, but he never dwelled on it. It always seemed such a distant future that there was no point in giving it too much thought, especially when there were more pressing matters.
    Finally, Kay sits back, scrolls through the template document one last time and lifts his eyes from the datapad.
    “I’m going to find some decent planet to settle down and try my best to make a good life for myself there. No killing. No drugging. No spying. Something very simple and nice. Something that would bore me out of my mind, the quicker the better,” he says, looking at Cassian calmly. The things he is describing are impossible for him, and Kay knows it, but it’s nice to entertain the mental image for a little bit. Then he shakes it off, “But don’t mistake me for a fool, kiddo. I don’t plan on surviving the war.”
    The precision with which he has to play his hand is too much to handle, and Kay isn’t sure that even his analyzing capabilities would be enough. In the end, he is going to put himself in a position when both clashing forces will have a reason to kill him on sight. Besides, living in the present gives him some advantages over his enemies and opponents. Like with Mist. The memory makes him wonder briefly what was going on in the Imperial Intelligence branch once he defected. It doesn’t matter, not anymore. It’s not his problem anymore.
    “Why do you ask?”
    Kay doesn’t ask if it’s Cassian’s question, if he came to claim his reward. He doesn’t say a word about the question itself, doesn’t name it the first, doesn’t put any restriction on the number of questions Cassian has left. Instead Kay just switches off the datapad for now and sips at his caf, making it clear that the conversation might get long, and he doesn’t mind it.
    He still can’t quite believe the kid survived the odds and more than that, he did it in one piece, not even a scratch—not really. No broken limbs or ribs, nothing. That is impressive. But then again, Cassian did survive Fest as a child. How much worse can it get?
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian sits across Kay. His caf is not steaming, but it's warm, and because of that the cup is nicely warm too. Cassian breathes in catching as much strong caf smell as he can, then he drinks, slowly, because they have plenty of time. Because if him slowing down with thinking brought so much he has never noticed before, maybe slowing down with other things will work too. It does. The caf hits his palate, and Cassian just sits, feeling it, waiting Kay to respond.
But after a response the caf is unimportant once again. Cassian frowns.
"What do you mean you don't plan on surviving?"
He frowns even more, to the point where his frowns have their own little frowns.
"You will live and you'll have not a good, but a great life. The one you want for yourself, but a little better, because why not? Cause you are the best agent I've ever seen. If you can't pull it, then no one would. So you better try, because me - I'm not going to die. Well, except when I'm really old, then I believe I'll be quite tired with all the living. But before that I will live, and I will have a fantastic life! It's just..."
Cassian stops and sips his caf, his confidence and passion drains from him.
"I'm not really sure I know how to do that. Everything is temporary. Our bases, my quarters, assignments, people around. It seems the only permanent thing is the war. But if the only thing you know is war, how can you plan your life without it?"


Вы здесь » Star Wars Medley » Альтернатива » [AU] Without me you would be dead

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