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: II.02 BBY V.34 ABY

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[AU] Without me you would be dead

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Cassian Andor, Kay Tooesso

: 11 BBY
: in a galaxy far, far away
: Cassian is old enough to start helping out on missions, but apparently he isnt old enough to do it on his own.

the timeline

10.V Cassian is assigned to be Kays trainee
11.V Kay and Cassian get their first mission and discuss how to approach it. Sometime later that day they go to Uquine.
20.V a woman comes to them with a job, a simple fishing tool which can provide access to internal messages of any network its implemented into. They suspect shes from a cell. (And she is from a fake one.)
21.V in the morning after finishing the job they talk about why Cassian things the Empire is bad. Cassian passes the finished job back to the woman. Kay tinkers with commlinks turning them into GPS, and in the evening they both go to a (rebel) talk at a cantina called Low Deck. There are people watching them at the cantina. Kay gets thoroughly drunk, and Cassian has to drag him home. The apartment didnt get searched as Kay thought it would.
22.V Kay tasks Cassian with asking around about the people who watched them in the cantina the day before. Cassian learns from his friends that there are two cells, one is fake, the other is not.
25.V a twilek and a woman (from a real cell) ambush Kay and Cassian on their home from a grocery store. They demand explanation about Cassian asking around risky question a few days ago. Turns out, the rebels know the woman, Marani, too. Cassian and Kay learn that Marani was about to switch sides when she was killedright after she collected their work. Kay is forced to show the twilek his slave marks so the rebels would let them both go. Finally, they exchange contacts.
26.V Kay suddenly leaves Cassian alone and goes looking for the Imperial cell.
27.V The next day the fake cell comes and searches the apartment while Cassian is out.
29.V a man (Elek), saying hes from a local rebel cell, comes to Cassian with a job, he wants a simple decoding program.
30.V Not succeeding in his endeavour, Kay returns to the apartment where he left Cassian. They exchange the news. Cassian explains what he did while Kay was absent and they come to the conclusion that their landlord is a part of the game, possibly helping the fake cell. They contact the rebel cell and learn that they got searched by the fake cell. Kay infects the datadisk Cassian is going to give their new client (Elek) from the day before with a virus to learn their hiding spot.
31.V Cassian goes to pass the datadisk to the client (Elek). His task is to get intel but instead he gets kidnapped by Elek.

[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

K-2SO (2018-03-28 00:47:05)



    Kay shuts up and follows the lead, not trying to escape or fight. He is thinking through their options. He doesnt have a blasterNigel doesnt carry one. Cassian doesnt have a blaster on him either, as far as Kay knows. What Kay does have is a vibro-knife safely stashed inside his jacket, and he can do a lot with a vibro-knife if he gets lucky with his cover. But they have Cassian, and they will use Cassian against him. The kid is smart, but he isnt trained, not yet, not properlynot in the ways of fighting. He could be good with a blaster, though. Anybody with a half-decent aim could be good with a blaster in close quarters.
    The route takes them away from the busiest streets, but Kay doesnt really recognize the district. He is sure, though, in his own ability to find his way back. Its quieter here and somehow less peaceful, as if the walls of the buildings are staring at them just as much as the people walking by. Even if they notice the blasters, nobody tries to stop the twilek and his accomplice.
    Apparently, Cassian wasnt as good as he thought. Kay isnt disappointed, he suspected something might go wrong, he just didnt know what exactly. To not be disappointed in the kid is easyyou just need to not get your hopes high. Cassian isnt a trained agent, this is his first mission.
    What can I say, my boy Jeron here has a curious young mind, Kay answers, throwing another look at Cassian and winking at him.
    By the way the blaster presses into his side he guesses the twilek did not like the answer.
    Luckily, Kay had enough time to think it over. There is no way of knowing who are these strangers, if they are from the true cell or from the fake one. But one thing is certainboth cells are very likely aware of each other, and neither one likes the other. Which presents a common interest for all of them here. Kay turns his head to look at the face of his captor. The twilek. What are the odds that the Empire went so far as to hire a non-human to do their bidding? What are the odds said non-human agreed?
    Alright, alright, he says, wincing from the blaster. We are here to look for a dangerous group of people who have to be destroyed for peace in the galaxy and on this planet specifically.
    That is just about as vague as Kay can muster.


What is twileks reaction?
1-2 he is quick to judge and violent in response
3-4 he has his doubts and asks more questions
5-6 he thinks Kay is talking about the fake cell

What is the womans reaction?
1-2 she violently threatens Cassians life
3-4 she has her doubts and lets the twilek know about it
5-6 she, too, thinks Kay is talking about the fake cell and lets the twilek know about it

[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

K-2SO (2018-08-03 14:29:12)



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Kay winks at him, and Cassian tries not to frown. He drew attention to them and wasn't even aware of that. The first of that, he decides, may be acceptable, but another one is bad. He should be more careful. And he should stay alive.
Cassian is sure Kay will lie. They don't know for sure who are that people. But Kay doesn't lie. He tells the truth - and gives nothing. He gives them that perfect answer that can be read in any way. There is another possibility, the answer can irritate those two. But the twi'lek doesn't hurt Kay, and the human's punishing grip is a tad bit easier.
"Cor..." she falls silent, stopped by a quick glance of her partner. She leans closer to him and whisper something. Cassian barely hears anything, and nothing important. Nothing to help them know what are those two and who they work for. If they are killed by their allies, it will be a shame.
They stop talking, the human doesn't press her blaster to his side that hard anymore. But the twi'lek frowns.
"I find that answer vague and unconvincing," he says, "Try again. Why did you need to know about rebels and people in cantinas? Who are you?"
He looks at Cassian, and he understands the doubt. It's hard to place them on any side at the war, because neither the Empire nor the Rebellion aren't known for recruiting children. That's probably why he hasn't shot them yet. He's not sure who they are as much as they can't guess who are the people.
"Tell them," Cassian asks in quietly to let the confusion run on. If they are confused, Kay will have more time to figure something out.
The frown on the twi'lek's face deepens.
"Tell me. You are not just random people, are you?"



    The twilek says he found his answer vague and unconvincing, yet he doesnt shoot them, and they are still standing on a little side-street, and Kay counts that as a win. The only thing he has to figure out is twilek. The woman doesnt interest Kay at allshe can be on either side, and there is too little he can guess about it from her appearance and being here. The twilek is another deal entirely. Kay remembers how Empire treats anyone who isnt human. Kay knows the methods and lengths the Empire could go to in order to convince someone to work for it, too. Kay watches the twilek very carefully.
    More questions are good. More questions mean they can stay alive a little bit longer and maybe, somehow, through fantastic luck and negotiation skill, wiggle their way out. Kay just needs to consider his words carefully. Its not the type of situation where he can use the silence but he still waits a few beats before answering.
    You wouldnt stop just random people, would you? he says calmly, nonchalantly, as if there is no threat, yet still in a very distinct Nigel-ish way. A skill he mastered over years and years of field experience. I am NigelKay presses his hand to his chest, and it would be a perfect moment to pull out a vibro-knife and make the twilek lose his blaster. Kay doesnt do anything, just motions with his hand to Cassianand this is my apprentice Jeron. We are slicers. You might have heard of us lately, I believe we created quite a buzz with our outstanding work. He sounds proud. And then we had a very interesting client. The type of client who raises suspicions, so we decided to check out what is going on and to whom have we lent our services. You see, we wouldnt want to help the wrong people. And if we did help the wrong peoplewell. Kay smiles. Like always, Nigels smile is warm and friendly. Like Ive said.


The twilek
1-2 doesnt believe Kays words and violently demands truth
3-4 half-believes Kays words and asks Cassian
5-6 decides Kay is talking about the fake cell

The woman
1-2 thinks they should get off the street and do a proper round of interrogation
3-4 thinks they should comm to the base about this and then decide what to do
5-6 knows something about the woman who came to Kay and Cassian

[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian knows if he were that twi'lek, he'd be furious by the time. Kay is answering, but once again he gives nothing but ambiguity, that nmboth fascinates Cassian and makes him scared. Because when those two are tired of it, they will ask differently. They may ask a different man as well. They may ask him, and Cassian isn't sure he will do as good as Kay is.
The twi'lek must think of it too. He lowers his glance at Cassian.
"Is he lying?" he puts blaster higher, to Kay's head, and Cassian can't help but look around. There are people walking by, but they keep their distance and none of them is looking. They avoid looking at the blaster, the twi'lek and three humans, and it's wrong, people should care, but Cassian still remembers that they don't.
"Look at me," the twi'lek orders. Cassian does. "Is he lying?"
"No. It's truth. Our client was," Cassian looks at Kay as he wasn't sure if he can talk about it. He isn't, but he still talks, "a woman. Four... No, five days ago. She came a week ago, and we did the job, but weren't sure, if she was really, well..."
Cassian stalls and the woman helps him without probably understanding it. She talks, so Cassian doesn't have to, but oh, boy, he wishes she hasn't in a minute.
"Marani," she says, "she was killed a week ago. She was ready to change a side. But then you two helped her."
"We are not bad guys, I promise, we are good guys!"
"That's not that kind of a war, kid. There are no good guys on that war," the twi'lek says. "I'll ask one more time, it will be the last one. Whom do you want to help, Nigel."



    Kay stays exactly as calm and confident as he was before. He doesnt have the luxury of panicking, because if he panics, Cassian will do something stupid and potentially dangerous. So Kay just looks at the kid when twilek asks him a question and tries to make Cassian understand, through his calmness, that despite the blaster next to his head, they are not in any immediate danger. People who ask so many questions do not shoot easy. Because when people ask so many questions, they desperately need information, and Cassianto themmust look like he has much less intel than Kay.
    Cassian does surprisingly good, except for the part where he hopelessly proclaims them the good guys. Ah, the infamous good guys of the galaxy. What the propaganda would have done without you.
    Kay has one last answer, just about as ambiguous as his previous ones, but at the same timeso, so very different. He slowly puts the grocery bags down and turns to the twilek, away from the woman and away from Cassian, so the kid doesnt see anything that happens next. Kay carefully unbuckles the wide leather bracelet on his wrist and slides it up. Not much, but enough for the twilek to see. Its a gamble. But Kay thinks, he can win.
    Make a wild guess, Kay says in a low tone of voice.
    How do I know
    Because of all the people here you know.
    Kay looks him in the eye, and he doesnt have to say anything else. The twilek lowers his blaster. He doesnt put it away, but he isnt invading Kays space anymore, if anything, he actually rather respectfully steps away. Kay quickly buckles the bracelet up again and slides it back firmly in place. While on it, he also checks his commlink and then picks the grocery bags back up again.
    Theyre good. Let the boy go, twilek says.


What the twilek and the woman are going to do next?
1-2 call their base to hear their opinion about letting Kay and Cassian go
3-4 escort Kay and Cassian back to their flat and talk there
5-6 take Kay and Cassian to one of the conspiratorial apartments

What is going to be the bases answer?
even exchange contacts and let them go
uneven detain and take them to the base, blindfolded/unconscious

[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

K-2SO (2018-08-03 23:55:53)



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]The woman is clearly displeased, but she lets him go, and Cassian rubs his arm - it hurts - but looks at Kay, trying to understand what has just happened. What did he see and why exactly the twi'lek suddenly believes them. Kay must have said something. Or did something. Or showed something. Cassian doesn't know, and a hundred new questions go through his head. He is not sure Kay will answer them after he failed his previous task, but he wants to be ready.
He looks at the woman too, and she looks at him, and he doubts she likes him or Kay. He doesn't say he is sorry about their client's death, although he is. He likes that something in her eyes. He has to remind himself they - or he - still don't know if that is a real rebel cell.
They don't let him and Kay go at once. At first the woman aggressively whispers something to the twi'lek, and responds her, and Cassian can't hear what they are talking about. Then the twi'lek contacts their base, and the woman stays with them, lazily pointing her blaster at the ground.
"You can go," says the twi'lek and gives something to Kay. "With this you can find us. Leave your contacts so we can find you. And be careful. Much, much more careful." He glances at Cassian. "We are not the only one who might be interested in you."
They disappear fast and clean. A moment - and they are alone again, and there is a street, groceries, Kay. Cassian breathes in, then out, calming himself.
"So, we've met them." And again - breathe in, breathe out. "What did you tell him? And which one are they in?"



    Kay gives the twilek a nickname he can use to find them through the shadownet, and thats it. Just as suddenly as their acquaintance began, it ends, and a few moments later the street filters in, and Cassians questions do, too. Kay looks at the kid, notices how he breathes, how he tries to stay calm and collected. He would give the kid a solid six out of ten. Not bad, but he could do much better. There is much he has to learn before he should ever venture on a mission solo.
    Against all odds, your mistake worked out in the end. I suggest you do not repeat it.
    Its the only thing Kay says before turning and walking back the way they came. He whistles a little tune and nothing in him betrays their encounter with what appears to be the real Uquin rebels. After much thought that consumes Kay for the entirety of their way back to the flat, he decides it was the real cell people theyve just met. What convinces him isnt the fact that they let him and Cassian go after hearing out their explanation, and not the fact that they now have their contacts, but the way the twilek immediately stepped back. This teeny tiny detail told Kay way more than any words could. Moreover, he trusts this detail more than any words.
    Because if he was in the twileks shoes, he would have done the same thing. Stepped away.
    In the apartment Kay busies himself with unpacking the groceries, but keeps an eye on Cassian. Its easy to understand why the kid didnt panic as much as Kay expectedhis Festian past must be the reason. Still. Things could have turned out much worse if Cassian blurted out something he wasnt supposed to. Kay makes himself some caf, then, after a bit of thinking, pours some for Cassian too and finds the kid in the apartment.
    This is for you, he says, giving him the mug. Those were people from the real cell. Two questions. Onefor keeping calm. The otherfor answering intelligibly and without destroying the legend. It takes some guts to do that with a blaster pointed at somebody elses head, as well as yourself. Kay finds himself a place to seat.
    His calm seems impenetrable, yet something in the way he holds his mug gives away a certain uncharacteristic level of nervousness. As if Kay can guess what will be Cassians question. At least one of them. There is a ninety percent chance it will be the same as the first one back there on the street. Except Kay didnt tell the twilek anything, he showed. No words will ever have the same effect.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Kay doesn't answer, and Cassian doesn't insist or remind he promised to answer mission related questions. He just silently follows Kay, and when they are in their apartment, remembers the day he knew about cells. He does it thoroughly, every conversation he has had, every person he has met, everything that he did and that could expose him.
His eyes wander mindlessly around, but they doesn't catch Kay until he is too close. Then Cassian gets a mug with caf and two - two! - questions. He stares at Kay not understanding.
He falls silent for a second. He made a mistake, that led to a blasterr aiming at them. He doesn't deserve any questions for that. But Kay doesn't reward him for a mistake. He names two very different reasons.
And cassian wants to know his answers.
"What did you do?" he asks again. "Why did the twi'lek suddenly believe you?"
It would have make some sense, if the cell was the Imperial one. Then Kay could say something he knew from his previous work. But with the cell being real one it just doesn't make any sense.
And why didn't Kay answered before? Cassian looks at him carefully looking for something that can help him to understand. There is some change in Kay, narely visible, so it's hard to decide if it's really there. Cassian might just see what he wants to see.
But that unsettling dark thing that was around him, the one that made Cassian to feel himself not safe. It's not gone, it's just moved. It's not around Kay anymore.
It's inside of him.



    This is possibly the first time in a very, very long while when someone managed to break through Kays calm demeanor. But then again, Kay never answered any questions about himself at the Rebel base, and its not like anybody cared once there were the rumors of him being an Imperial deserter. Feeling disdain and staying away was the strategy of the majority of the people. The rest Kay simply ignored. He doesnt need them to like him. He doesnt even need them to respect him as long as it doesnt impair his work.
    Cassians respect, on the other hand, is what will keep the kid alive. Respect makes people listen, and sometimes even without asking questions. Kay needs Cassian to listen to him, and respect is the quickest way. Yethe promised. He keeps his promises very carefully. Kay winces when Cassian asks that same questionhe counts it as one questionand sighs. Well, he could have foreseen it would come to this. He takes a sip of caf and puts his mug aside. Then, very slowly, he undoes the bracelet on his right arm and the watch and commlink on his left and sets them aside, too.
    Kay quickly rubs his wrists, and having them bare and exposed for another person to see clearly brings him much discomfort, but he still shows them to Cassian. There are House Petro sigils burnt into his skin, the nasty marks of a lowborn slave, circling his wrists. The burns are so deep its even impossible to mutilate and change themany cut will be a quick way to suicide. There isnt a single thing in the entire galaxy that will ever heal these or take them away, except, maybe, if Kay loses both of his arms in a fight and gets prosthetic ones instead. He isnt very keen on that, despite hating the marks with every bit of his soul and heart.
    Kay stays silent, allowing Cassian to take it in, to examine, touch, whatever the kid needs to never ask that question again. Kay doesnt think he will ever show him these marks again, so this is a one-time opportunity. When he believes Cassian got enough time to process what he is seeing, Kay says, A slave will always be able to spot another slave, no matter how much time passes. And no slave will ever support those who dont shy away from enslaving others.
    It isnt true, not entirely, Kay accepts the possibility of slaves who are content being overworked, branded, disrespected and downright used if there are a roof over their heads, a bit of food and a lot of fear in their hearts. Yes, Kay himself supported and worked for the Empire for thirteen long years, but that was until he realized he just exchanged one master for another. At least, his masters from House Petro didnt tell him to kill his own people.
    Did you see enough? Can I cover them now? Please, Kay hates himself for the pleading tone of voice that involuntarily breaks through his usual calmness. Just as much as he hates the irrational yet powerful fear that Cassian will seize control of him now, because Cassian was never enslaved and he looks exactly like a master would look, minus fancy clothes. Kay has to remind himselftwicethat he is not a slave anymore, and he hasnt been for three years. He doesnt have to ask permission yet he still waits for Cassian to respond.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

K-2SO (2018-08-04 12:50:52)



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian doesn't understand at first. He frowns watching Kay drinking his caf and staying silent and undoing his bracelet he never takes of.
And then Cassian sees.
And everything he knows about Kay breaks into pieces for Cassian to reassemble them again. Everything makes sence now. That only truth in Kay's story he used to show how people move and talk when they are lying. Him liking everything he did working. How closed he is. Everything.
Cassian doesn't care. Everything he has to remember and rethink again is somewhere deep, being remembered and rethought on it's own. All Cassian can do is to look at the burns, although it hurts to look.
He reaches, but doesn't dare to touch.
Kay's words rip Cassian from his scary mesmerizing. He answers - as if it didn't happen to him, as if he just drops a bit of knowledge about former slaves.
Cassian doesn't understand it. It's something he thinks he never will. But he doesn't need to understand to feel for.
"Yes. Yes, of course, you can... Kay, I am so sorry. I am..."
He knows he won't tell a living soul about it, bit it's something that goes without saying. He doesn't know what to say, how to comfort Kay, how to make everything right. Although he knows that last thing. There's no way to do so.
"I am sorry," he says again. His second question is inside his head, the one and only that should be asked, but Kay's possible answer scares him beforehand.
Cassian blinks to make his eyes not so shiny with tears. He breathes in, remembering who he is.  He is the one who won't pass by instead of helping. He is the one who won't close his eyes when someone is mistreated. He is the one who will raise his voice. He was raised like this by his parents, and that is something he remembers about them for sure.
"Are you... Is this... Did you choose to be here, to be on this side? I mean, did you do it? Are you... now or are we no better? Is the Rebellion no better?"
For the first time he separates himself from the Rebellion. It's a good moment to do so.

Cassian Andor (2018-08-04 18:49:22)



    The moment Cassian answers, Kay immediately busies himself with putting everything back on his wrists to cover the marks. Interestingly enough, after all the things he has done, the only thing he is ashamed of is the fact he was born into slavery. Somehow the idea that he couldnt decide who were going to be his parents doesnt ease the burning feeling. Once the sigils are covered once again, Kay takes a moment to restore his calmness. He rubs his face with his palms and takes a couple of deep breaths, barely even listening to whatever Cassian is saying in the background. Whatever pity the kid has for him, Kay doesnt need it. It isnt going to change the past. Some things just are the way they are.
    When Kay takes his palms away from his face, he is back to his usual calm self, at least on the surface. Cassian is once again just a kid, his subordinate and student, and nothing more. It feels as if the poisonous darkness that spread from the sigils on his wrists is once again tamed by the bracelet and the watch, and stored away for good. Kay considers Cassians question before answering and drinks his caf. Its a bit odd, the way the kid asks it, and the fact that he asks it, too.
    I did choose. I could have run away from the Empire, but I chose to run away from the Empire and towards the Rebellion. It is better in some ways and worse in others. Less organized, for sure. Kay sounds calm, as usual, yet there is a softness to his voice indicating he didnt fully recover from the first question yet, didnt draw back into his shell. There is one thing I am certain about. Mon Mothma, Bail Organa and the rest of the big people at the head of the Rebellion would rather die fighting than see half the galaxy enslaved. The Empire doesnt have a problem with thatas long as the slaves arent human, and even when they are, the graceful Empire will grant you a ticket to freedom, yet you will have to repay it until your dying breath. Kay scoffs. So much for being free.
    Yet he still took it, and he would take it again if he was in the same circumstances, and anyone who takes it even nowhe doesnt have it in him to blame them. If anything, the Empire has one hell of a propaganda machine which works especially good on young overworked minds, and sometimes even on the older ones. Unfortunately.
    Either way, the Rebellion is what it is. The lesser evil.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian watches Kay wearing on his usual calm self, but he thinks he still can see a glimpse of what is underneath. He waits patiently for Kay's unswer, and then he nods. Lesser evil is much better than what he was afraid to hear. He can live with that.
"So, you joined the Empire to be free? No, wait," Cassian asks quickly.
He has so many question. He wants to know if it hurt, if it hurts now. He wants to know about Kay's family and when he became free. He wants to know if Kay used his burns to prove he is not the Imperial agent when he was one.
But Cassian, once again, doesn't dare. By that point he understands pretty well It's impossible to break Kay. Even if it is - not for Cassian, not with his questions. But it doesn't allow him to ask everything.
"I used my two questions, you don't have to answer that. And..." He pauses. Cassian tries very hard to not sound as if he is saying it out of pure pity. It's not pity, it's not pure. But the concept of not being able to refuse to answer suddenly seems cruel to him. "I won't ask about that part again, if you don't want it. You can talk about it when you want, and I have plenty of other things about you I'm interested in."



    All of a sudden, Kay smirks.
    Remarkable. I tell you I was a slave, and you immediately think I need your permission to do or not do something. Dont be mistaken, kiddothe amicable nickname slips from Nigels speech into Kays entirely on its ownI control when and if you ask me anything, as well as when and if I answer you, and how much do I tell you. I told you your reward was going to be any of your questions answered in all honesty. I never give any promises I dont intend to keep in full or know for sure I wont be able to keep at all. Kay doesnt sound pissed, if anything, he sounds very amused with Cassian. Now, as for your pitycut it out, I can see it in you, and I find it disrespectful. I dont pity you despite your childhood and the massacre on Fest, because it taught you something and made you who you are, it made your little heart brave and fierce, and it led you here. I respect and accept you the way you are. Amusement fades from his voice. I am deeply ashamed of being a lowborn slave, and my body reminds me of that, but I accept it. If I wasnt a lowborn slave, I would have been on an entirely different side of the galaxy doing stars know what. Couldve been a droid or something. But I am me. So I accept it, and I draw on it, I use my past not as means of burying myself in pity but as a charge, as a fuel. The shame I feel thinking about the circumstances of my birth doesnt impair me. If anything, it makes me want to help change the things in the universe. Same as your pain and loss make you want to help the Rebellions cause. If you dont pity yourself for it, you really have no reason to ever pity me.
    Kay stops a bit abruptly. Somehow Cassian manages to get under his skin and make him feelnot even anything specifically, but feel in general. Almost as if Kay was underwater for so long and now he finally surfaces and draws the first breath, and its the sweetest thing. He isnt sure he likes this unmuted version of himself. Its new and unexplored, and Kay doesnt know what to do about it.
    Kay sighs. It was a long evening. Cassians question still lingers in the air.
    I didnt join the Empire. I joined what would become the Empire. Back then it was still pretending to be the Galactic Republic, he says, and its the last question he is going to answer tonight. The same Galactic Republic we are trying to restore.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian breathes in, but stays silent. He knows Kay is able to keep his promise and to brace and protect himself. But it's not about Kay being able to stay unharmed, it's about Cassian not hurting him in the first place. But it's too close for a pity, which Kay doesn't need or want. So Cassian just nods. He doesn't like to be pitied himself. It ties him too tight to his past to move forward.
He made a conclusion too fast again. Cassian placed Kay among imperials without second thought, because all enemies are imperials now (although not all imperials are enemies, and sometimes it's confusing), and he forgot that there was a time when all enemies were republicans. He can see now what Kay keeps talking about. He is wrong because he has never given the information he had a proper thought. And he will keep being wrong until we would learn better.
"But we'll restore it better than it was. This time we'll do it right."
He sounds very asured of his words. Cassian really believes in it. The Republic wasn't perfect and it certainlywon't be. Just because real things are never perfect, it's a price for them to come true. But it doesn't mean they shouldn't aim high and at least try. Now Cassian adds to his list another thing he has never thought about before. There will be no slavery in the restored Galactic Republic. He'll make sure of it.
Cassian spends the rest of the evening working. Later he is in his bed, not lying very still, as if he was sleeping in attention (he used to sleep like that when he just got his assignment), not curling into himself (that he did when he knew about Fest ans Kay's role in it's massacre), but stretching his arms and legs out wide, as if he was holding the bed to fall into his dreams easier and faster. That's when it hits him.
Kay wasn't Nigel although he called him 'kiddo'. He was himself, and he still was calm, but there were emotions in his voice. He was real.



    Cassian is naïve and idealistic, and Kay doesnt tell him he is simply because its way too amusing to watch. In a very sad kind of way. Kay, on the other hand, is devoid of such illusions. Slavery will never be extinct from this galaxy, but it canand, hopefully, willbe reduced. Kay doesnt yet know, how exactly, and who are the people who can help him do it, but hell find out. All in due time. Right now, they have to concentrate at the task at hand.
    Early morning the next day Kay quietly leaves the apartment and goes to the street. The sun is barely off the ground, and the air is still filled with night chill. The people who go to bed late are already off the streets, and the people who get up early arent yet on the streets, so its just Kay and the freshly born morning. If they want to get into the cell, they have to find out who killed the woman and who she was in the first place.
    They have to find the Imperial cell. Correction. He has to find the Imperial cell. If he took Cassian with him, the kid would be dead in a day. So Kay left him money and the keys to the ship, and a little note detailing how much he should wait before getting the hell off this planet and back to the Rebellion base. A week should be enough. Below it Kay wrote the same phrase twice, one time in red: Do not disobey my order.
    The probability of Cassian disobeying the order is high. Very high. But at least Kay tried.


Does Kay manage to learn something about the Imperial cell off the streets?
1-2 he learnt something, but not much, just created some noise about himself
3-4 he learnt about the part of the city they are thought to reside in
5-6 he meets a person from the Imperial cell

Does Kay manage to attract Imperial cells attention to himself?
1 no
2-3 yes, but not in a good way, they attempt to kill him
4-5 yes, but the Imperial cell takes time to decide what to do about him
6 yes, he successfully gets into the Imperial cell

If they attempt to kill himhow does it go?
1-2 Kay is badly injured but manages to get off the street and lay low
3-4 Kay is injured and detained
5 it failed, but Kay is detained
6 not a scratch on Kay, but he has to hide and lay low

If Imperial cell takes time to decide, then what is their decision?
1-2 in three days they decide to kill him
3-4 in four days they decide he can join
5-6 in a day they simply vanish off the grid

If Kay successfully gets into the Imperial cell, what does he learn?
1-2 he doesnt learn anything
3-4 he learns who was the woman
5-6 he learns who was the woman and who was the killer

Does he successfully get out of the Imperial cell afterwards?
1-2 no, he is detained
3-4 he isnt detained but they dont let him go either, tracking his every step
5-6 he successfully gets out

If he successfully gets out, how much time does it take?
1-2 a week and a half since he left the apartment
3-4 two weeks since he left the apartment
5-6 three weeks since he left the apartment

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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]When Cassian wakes up, he is alone. Sleepily he wanders around looking for Kay, but instead he finds money, the keys and a note with andry red writing on it. He frowns beforehand, knowing that red can't be good.
It isn't.
Kay just left and he wants Cassian to leave too. Pehaps, he is a burden, or he knows too much, or that's the way Kay choses to control questions Cassian would or wouldn't ask. Perhaps - and almost certainly that 'perhaps' is much closer to being a real reason - it has nothing to do with him and everything with their mission and the most effective way to finish it.
Cassian understands it. Still, he burns the note with angry, stubborn look on his face, and he eats his brekfast with the same look.
He is angry. He stays angry, scowled and not knowing what he has to do but leave - because that one thing he is not going to do - for a day and a half. Then one evening he returns home and something is wrong. And it clicks, and suddenly Cassian knows exactly what he has to do. He has to stay alone and to stay alive. And he is exceptionaly good in both.
His old instincts return, while he inspects every inch of his apartment. It's his now, not their. His apartment, his responsibility. Cassian is older now than he was on Fest, he knows more, he sees and understands more. He is trained - not enough, but more, than he was. His inner voice sounds a lot like Kay. Cassian hates it, but is calms him down.
He stays low. Takes small jobs he knows he is able to do in time on his own. He stays Jeron. He waits as long as he can. That sounds like a resonable plan. But on a third day there is a quiet knock at the door, and there is a man from a local rebel cell. Cassian just doesn't know if his is a real one or not.
He has a job. He doesn't say 'another one', so they may be from a real one. But it may be a catch to see if he knows about the real one. Cassian remembers everything he can about his visitor. He remembers everything both cells may know about him. That he doesn't know much. That he is just a kid. He is just a kid.
Cassian pretends to be a kid. It is surprisingly easy. He remembers the blacter near Kay's head. He was calm that time. He can do it again, this time it should be even easier. There's no blasters. There's no Kay.
It's not easier, but Cassian stays calm, collected, careful, and he doesn't let himself to be too happy about it.
And when he is alone again, he even gives a proper thought to the idea of leaving.
He decides to stay anyway.


, , ?


, ?


, :
3 1-2,
4-5 ,
6 4-5,



, , ,
, ,

, :


Cassian Andor (2018-08-15 22:00:14)



    In four days Kay achieves nothing. Whoever works for the Imperial cell here is a genius, he can give them that. Its much more impressive than what he is used to, and it concerns him, especially so because he is not alone. He might have left the apartment to separate himself from the kid, but the probability of the kid leaving in time is not very high. Kay considers letting the real rebel cell know about the danger Cassian might be in, but then decides against it. In the grand scheme of things, the life of one kid is not worth the lives of the local rebels who, if uncovered, can get their entire cell destroyed.
    For whatever reason, the usual cold calculation pains Kay, but he sets this feeling aside and decides he is going to deal with it at the end of the week. Switching off and reassigning feelings to different days has been Kays way of dealing with all things like that for a while, and so far it proved to be exceptionally effective.
    When he is sure there is nothing else he can do, except being blatant and upfront, which is not his way of doing things, Kay decides to return to their base of operation. Its the fourth day so Cassian should still be there, and maybe there is something that the kid can help him with. The other question that puzzles Kay the last two days is, if it was the real cell that sent a message to the Rebellion, or the fake one. And if it was the fake one, then how did they get a hold of where to send it. Its not like the Rebellion addresses in shadownet are posted in public access across the galaxy.
    Kay finds the place where he stashed his personal belongings before going to his little mission and then goes back to the apartment. Upon meeting the landlord, he smiles warmly and asks if his boy was noisy, but the man says there was no noise from Jeronhis name is Jeron, right?and they part, no additional questions asked. Kay opens the door and steps into the flat, immediately trying to take in everything that might have happened here while he was gone and, most importantly, trying to guess if Cassian is still around. He seems to be. Unless he left without his shoes.
    There is no point in hiding, so Kay closes the door behind, calls, Hey, kiddo? And waits.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]By the end of the third night Cassian fully realizes his suddenly discovered autonomy. He decides Kay didn't just leave. He also left Cassian in charge recognizing him as someone who can easily take care of himself and operate on his own. The responsibility that came with the realization is huge, it pins Cassian down, almost crushing him. But at the morning of the fourth night he sees himself as a completely new, more adult, seasoned even man, who carries his duty with dignity and modesty.
At the fourth day he tries to complete the job for a cell with said dignity and modesty. And then Kay returns, and Cassian leaves that job along with his newly found adult role with no regret at all.
"You returned! You are here!" Cassian is excited and doesn't even try to hide it. "I never thought you would."
He tries to collect himself, but he smiles and can't help it. It's the kind of smile he never uses to be liked or to show he is fine. The kind of smile that appears on its own. Still, even with the smile he can talk, and he hurries to spill the news.
"They came here and searched the place. But I don't know, who exactly it was. But I've checked everything, there's nothing to worry about. And they came, but, once again, I don't know, who exactly it was. But we have a job again. And I was calm, and collected, and everything. And what did you do? Why did you leave?"



    Kay stays just as calm and seemingly indifferent as usual upon seeing Cassian. The kid, on the other hand, behaves like its New Years Eve, his energy flooding the room. Kay checks if Cassians smile is genuine or fake out of habit, and it is genuine, and its not something he honestly expected. Why the kid is so happy he returned? Why does it matter to him if Kay lives or dies? He has the keys to the ship, he could get off the planet any moment. So, its not a practical connection. What then? A sentimental one?
    I left to see if I could get into the fake cell, which I couldnt, so here I am back again. I dont know yet how many ripples my little side mission created, we shall see how it goes. You would have been a liability and a weakness, so I left you behind where you would have more purpose and less chances to die a gruesome death. I see, you did not die and had a bit of an experience of being on your own on a mission. When did they come and search the place? What do you mean by saying you checked everythingwhat is everything? What kind of a job?
    Kay drops off his jacket and boots and goes to the kitchen. He inspects the fridge and takes out everything he can find. His cooking skills arent any match to a professional chefs, but he is very good at the style of cooking called throw everything you find together and see what comes out of it. He finds some leftover local meat, onions, peppers, carrots, little round potatoes, some spices, a bit of this and that, and takes it all out.
    Talk and cut, he says to Cassian, setting a cutting board, a knife and potatoes in front of him. Cubes or bars.
    After the four days of eating stars know what and not engaging in any activity that might be counted as domestic, Kay finds himself missing doing something easy and almost mindless. Besides, he is hungry for a home-cooked mealeven for a person devoid of any serious inclination for fancy food, he must admit, he does not approve of Uquinian street food. He does not approve of it at all.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]It doesn't matter Kay is back only because he failed. A lot of people leave, cot so many of them return to what and who they have left. Cassian values everyone who return. Their reasons are unimportant.
He follows Kay to the kitchen composing and structuring his answer in his mind. He wants to show he didn't waist time, although at first he thought he did.
"So," says Cassian and tries the knife. He cuts giving himself a rhythm to follow. "They came on the second day. I wasn't at home. I've been looking for small jobs, just to do something. I didn't know what else to do, so I just stayed Jeron and followed the legend. There was something different about the place, when I've returned. You know, small changes, everything was in place, but not quite. So I decided to stop being angry with you and to do something. I checked if something was missing - nothing was. If something was added - nothing was. If someone would follow me - no one did. I think. I hope," Cassian pauses, then shrugs and keeps cutting potatoes into neat squares.
"Anyway, yesterday they came. He came - there was just one man, I've never seen him before. He didn't mention previous job, but it could be a trap, so I didn't mention it either. A really small one, a simple decoding program. He asked if you will do it, and I said it's easy enough and I'll handle it myself. And he said he'll return in a couple of days with something more challenging then."
Cassian scratches his nose and with that breaks the rhythm.
"Other than that it was calm. Boring even. Nothing ever happened. Is it always like that when you are on your own? Boring and lonely?"

Cassian Andor (2018-08-12 16:06:28)



    While Cassian talks, Kay listens and busies himself with little cooking tasks. He cuts the meat, throws it in a pan to quickly fry, peels the onion and cuts it neatly, not dropping a single tear. He cuts the carrots too, and adds both carrots and onions to the meat. Then, after a little bit, he adds the peppers he just cut and collects the potato cubes from Cassian. It seems like Kay is everywhere in the kitchen at once, or like he has way too many arms for a human being. It helps him think through the new information.
    He doesnt understand what Cassian was angry about, but it is not important to the mission.
    Besides, the kid isnt angry now.
    Does he plan to be angry again? Is there a schedule? Could Kay potentially take a look at it?
    Now, he is distracted. Its not important. Cassians emotions arent important at the moment. Kay frowns and turns his thoughts back to the mission. Back to the kids last question. Which, strictly speaking, isnt about the mission, so he doesnt have to answer it, but he still does.
    What you experienced is called a training in patience, Kay says. How it feels to you personally is your own choice. But if you feel uncomfortable being left with your own thoughts, I suggest you switch to some other field of expertise. Half the job of an intelligence officer is about being patient and not rushing into action. It was just four days. He adds thick red sauce to the mix of vegetables and meat in the pan and, mixing it, covers it with the top. Did you do the job already? Did you have any other interactions with anybody I should know about before we proceed?
    Kay doesnt look at Cassian, more occupied with his cooking. In a few minutes, after adding water and more spices to the mix, he leaves the pan on the stove and turns to face the kid. He needs somebody to bounce his ideas off of them, and Cassian will do just fine. The kid can learn from this, and if he cant then at least as a result of this little exercise Kay will work out a plan they are going to execute.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]"I don't feel uncomfortable, it's just a bit odd. As if I was doing nothing but relaxing, when I really should have fight, and help, and do my part. And I was patient and I didn't rush into action - it rushed into me."
Kay is busy with the cooking, and it's surprisingly soothing. Cassian likes the way he talks and asks and gives the advice. He doesn't judge him for being bored, he doesn't say Cassian doesn't have what it takes to be an Intelligence agent. He just suggests, leaving the final decision to Cassian.
And what he cooks smells good. It's strange and intriguing to see the man being able to cook tasty anything from nothing and the same man stuffing himself with the porridge in the mornings.
Kay is a very strange mentor to have. He differs completely from everyone Cassian knows. He is like some closed structure, driven on impossible mix of his past, his hatred, his habit of keeping people away and something else. There must be something else. Cassian thinks of Kay often, because understanding him is in some way another training, and because it's easier than dealing with his own emotions.
From the very beginning Kay demands nothing more than a proper subordination, and now Cassian knows he is ready to give the man his affection, his respect, his everything. He doesn't know whether it is another trick he should learn, or there's something wrong with him, or that's what happens when there's not much people to talk to or to share their past. For now he doesn't care. Now he has Kay around, so it's easy to escape those thoughts and concentrate on a rich meaty smell, on a measured and careful way Kay moves or on his question.
"Oh, yeah," Cassian meets Kay's eyes. "No, I need another half an hour, maybe, to finish it. I'll do it after we eat. And no. I guess both cells think I'm just a kid and don't know much, so they didn't grant me with any interesting meetings and conversations."



    They have half an hour, and Kay doesnt need any clocks to tell him time. His well-trained senses can do it for him, no problem. Instead he focuses all his attention on Cassian, and the first thing he doeshe steps closer to the kid and claps his hands right in front of his face, almost touching the point of the kids nose. The sound he produces is both sudden and impossibly loud, breaking through the domesticity of what was going on in the kitchen for the past fifteen minutes.
    Youre dead, Kay says, pointing a finger in Cassians face, and steps back closer to the stove. The moment you concentrate all your attention solely on your goal is the moment you stop keeping track of your surroundings. That is when you make mistakes because you dont know if somethings up, if there is a third player in a game, or if the rules have changed while you were busy not taking your eyes off the prize. Dont let your vision get tunneled. The landlord, did you talk to him? The people on the market? The neighbors? Anybody else you talked to, saw or noticed and found boring or not worth your timefour days is a long time. Focus. Go through all the four days, one by one, and remember everyone, every face, every phrase. Name and evaluate everyone you can remember. If they dont seem importantexplain why. Analyze. I am listening.
    Kay looks at Cassian in the same calm manner he did back at the base, when he first announced that the kid managed to single-handedly destroy the Rebellion. Only this time there is something in his eyes, a little spark of interestbut for the mission or for the kid himself is impossible to tell, and Kay isnt even sure he distinguishes the two. Cassian is his mission, in his own special way. Like the general said. So far this mission wasnt easy but it wasnt unpleasant either. Cassian didnt act out, he always listened to what he was being told, and he genuinely desired the best outcome for the Rebellion. In Kays experience, this is just about as good as people get around him. Frankly, nobody got better than Cassian.
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K-2SO (2018-08-12 20:24:55)



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Instinctively Cassian moves away from Kay's clapping and its angry sound and straightens. He doesn't want to be dead, but it's to much to concentrate on. He has to think about the mission, the legend and now his surroundings. Okay, he may be wrong. Working alone is not calm and boring. It's hard, like, really hard.
"Right," he says and recalls previous days. "Today I stayed in and worked. Yesterday I''ve met with local kids - we might still need it, they are a good asset, I don't want to lose it - and then I worked, and then I delivered a did wished job, and then the client from a cell came. He actually was pretty lucky I was home. The day before that I went to the market to buy some food and to see if any of our former clients had any small jobs I can do on my own. That's when the flat was searched - I went to the far market, the one on the west from the spaceport, because there was a day off on the nearest, so it took some time. But..."
Cassian frowns and suddenly it's not a simple retelling. There is something to analyze, and that's surprising.
"The other day one of my friends - I mean, locals - said he was on the near market. But I know it was closed, because, because..."
And then he remembers.
"He looked to the right when he said it! I remember it now. It was on a first day. The landlord - I've met him, and we chatted for a bit, and he had told me the market will be closed. That's why I was away for so long. And that's when someone broke in. Okay, you are right. It looks like I did have some important stuff happened to me."



    All the stuffthe sarcastic quotation marks easily audible in Kays voicethat happens to you is important. Just not all of it is important for the mission. Alright. Kay shuffles some things around the cooking table and then moves to sit at the kitchen table. Lets put together everything we managed to find out so far. There are two cells. One is the real one, the other is the Imperial one, or so we assume. One of them sent a signal to the Rebellion in hopes of cooperation. We talked to a woman from one of the cells and did a job for her. She was about to switch sides, but got killed before she could do it. We talked to the people from the real cell, and they gave us means of communication. Our apartment got searched by one of the cells, I think its safe to assume the Imperial one. Our landlord is either working for or got paid to do this one thing for this cell to get you out of the apartment. The next day you got contacted by a person, supposedly from one of the cells, too. Anything I am missing or youd like to add?
    Inside of Kays head there is an entire mindmap unraveling, with all the places, and dates, and faces, and conversations, and everyone and everything from the Uquine that Kay has ever encountered. It seems like there isnt much information, but put together it forms a rather clear picture, they just have to fill in the few important gaps, and then carefully plan their further actions. Then and there Kay decides he isnt going anywhere from the Uquine unless the Imperial cell is destroyed.
    Its not a part of their job, but the most efficient way to ensure that whoever from Uquine the Rebellion talks to in the future is, indeed, a real cell is to destroy the other one completely. Kay rolls this thought in his mind and considers the bases possible answers to it. He doubts the general is going to be displeased.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Kay stays calm. Cassian doesn't understand, why. How could he? Who at all can stay calm getting news like those. Their landlord is not an ordinary landlord, no, he is a member of the cell, or a helper, or a sympathizer, or something else. If he works for the rebel cell, it means, it was so close, all this time! If he works for the imposters pretending to be the rebel cell - once again, there were so close, it was so dangerous, all this time!
But Kay stays calm and says that everything that happens to him is important, as if he did't even hear. Somehow, for some reason, Kat is calm. And Cassian tries to calm himself down too, not to hide, but to cancel whatever excitement is swarming inside. What's the use of hurrying up? It's better to focus, than to be quick.
So he listens Kay untangling everything that happened to them and everything they know about both cells and the city itself. Data, unraveled and spoken out, seems more clear to Cassian.
"Local people may know some of the imperials posting as rebels. They left the cantina, remember? Or it was just a precaution."
Cassian frowns. Their mission was an easy one, and it's not like it's dangerous - it's just very complicated. He didn't expect that.
"Anyway, we had to check if the cell is real now. But even if we find that out and have a stable contact, every other agent may take the fake one for a real. The result of our mission wouldn't long. What are we doing next?"
He takes a deep breath. His first mission might have been easy, but is should have mattered and changed something anyway. It looks like it will change nothing. He doesn't like it.
"Because we are doing something next, right? We won't leave, not yet."



    Kay watches Cassian closely, while his mind works through some things in the background. The kid is observant enough for a start, and he is clearly excited or worried, or something, Kay isnt sure which emotions exactly go through Cassians heart at the moment. It doesnt matter. The kid has to learn to keep his head cool regardless of his emotional state. Nobody at the base likes Kay for his seeming coldness but everyone knowsthis is what keeps people out of trouble and alive once it comes to work in the field.
    Why, we havent completed our mission yet. We still dont know which cell contacted the Rebellion. He tilts his head to the side, looking at Cassian as if the kid might know something nobody else can. We dont know who was that woman, why did she want to switch sides, from which side to which side she wanted to switch in the first place, and who and why killed her. We dont know who is our new client. We also dont know who searched our apartment. But at least the latter two things we can find out.
    Kay goes to find his jacket and comes back with a datapad and a chip he inserts in it. Its a neat little thing to use as means of communication, even though it takes a few minutes to boot up. The program uses shadownet but only to an extent, and Kay comes closer to Cassian and lays down the datapad on the table in front of them, quickly typing in,

> got searched. yours?

    Now, while they are thinking on their answer, we need to program a bugging device and insert it into the datadisk you are going to use to give your little program to our new client. That way we know where he goes, and once we know where he goes, we can go there, too. After we eat, you finish the job, Ill deal with the bug. Then we move on to other things. Kay nods to Cassian and goes to the stove to finish cooking their dinner.


Does the real cell answer tonight?
even yes, uneven no, they answer the next day

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K-2SO (2018-08-16 21:49:53)



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]They are not leaving and they are going to infiltrate a cell base. It's very far from leaving, and Cassian stops worrying. They are going to do something instead of waiting, and this time, he's going to take a part. Although the more he talks to Kay the better he understand he wasn't left behind because he is useless - even if he is. He was left behind so now they have more information.
He shouldn't have been angry with Kay, but it's just so hard to control everything he feel. The one can't just order themselves not to feel. It's impossible, but somehow Kay manages to do just that. Casssian watches him while they eat, trying to guess if it is skill he developed on the missions or another mark of his past.
The dinner is madly tasty, partly because Cassian isn't that skilled cook himself and the meal he cooked while he was alone was simpler and faster, partly because Kay is really good in this, but he eats fast. Now the job is even more important. Not a way to keep up their legend, but a way to get inside the cell.
He works fast, trying to meet his own deadline, but every five minutes Cassian still returns to the datapad and looks at the message. It's still not answered, but they will answer. They will.
A couple of minutes after he finishes his code and instead of calling for Kay just admires it, knowing he did a good job, they do.

> No. Anything taken?

And then, in another couple of seconds,

> Are you safe?

Cassian thinks is really nice of them, but the first thing he asks Kay after showing him messages is "Do we trust them? Are they telling the truth?"



    Right after the dinner Kay sets out to work on the bugging device. Initially he thinks of a proper bug but soon finds out it will be much quicker and efficient to infect the datadisk with a virus so the moment it is plugged in, it sends the coordinates back to them before deleting itself. Sneaky little thing, and nasty, Kay remembers working with things like this back in the Empire. Many people got killed because of this technology. Unluckily for Empire, Kay still remembers the strings of code, and he throws them together, the clickitty-clackatty of his typing filling the room.
    When Cassian approaches him with the datapad and a question, Kay only lifts his index finger, indicating that the kid should wait for his turn. It takes him another few minutes to finish the part of the code he is writing, and then he turns to the kid. Only barely glancing on the screen, Kay studies Cassians face.
    You were the one ready to believe anyone who said they were a rebel. I was always more on the skeptical side of things. So you tell me, believer, do we believe them? Do you think they are telling the truth? Kay lifts his index finger again. Think about your answer for a minute. We are in no rush. Decide carefully and explain your chain of thoughts to me. He waits for a bit, and then adds, You may speak now.
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K-2SO (2018-08-16 22:04:00)



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassia shifts from one foot to another waiting for Kay. And then he does it again hearing the question.
By this time Cassian clearly sees the pattern. There are some questions Kay doesn't answer. Most of the time it's that kind of questions that are impossible to give an answer for - they don't have enough information, they miss data, they have only their logic and intuition, although, Cassian isn't sure Kay trusts or even believes into intuition. Every time Cassian thinks that Kay might know more or see something hidden, he has to answer himself.
Every time he tries, it's surprisingly possible.
"I think, we do, they are," he decides at last. "Look, they are asking. If it were them, they wouldn't asked that. Cause, nothing was taken, I've checked really carefully. And on their place I wouldn't take something - I would plant something to hear or to see people I'm interested in. So I'd ask about that. Or about anything else, that will give me additional information. They don't. So, I think, they didn't lie. They asked, because they are worried, or because they care, or because they want to be sure we won't lead the wrong people to them."
Cassian waits for another moment in a case he'll find some another argument. But nothing comes, so he nods.
"What do you think about it?"


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