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[AU] Without me you would be dead

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Cassian Andor, Kay Tooesso

Время: 11 BBY
Место: in a galaxy far, far away
Описание: Cassian is old enough to start helping out on missions, but apparently he isn’t old enough to do it on his own.

the timeline

10.V — Cassian is assigned to be Kay’s trainee
11.V — Kay and Cassian get their first mission and discuss how to approach it. Sometime later that day they go to Uquine.
20.V — a woman comes to them with a job, “a simple fishing tool which can provide access to internal messages of any network it’s implemented into.” They suspect she’s from a cell. (And she is from a fake one.)
21.V — in the morning after finishing the job they talk about why Cassian things the Empire is bad. Cassian passes the finished job back to the woman. Kay tinkers with commlinks turning them into GPS, and in the evening they both go to a (rebel) talk at a cantina called Low Deck. There are people watching them at the cantina. Kay gets thoroughly drunk, and Cassian has to drag him home. The apartment didn’t get searched as Kay thought it would.
22.V — Kay tasks Cassian with asking around about the people who watched them in the cantina the day before. Cassian learns from his friends that there are two cells, one is fake, the other is not.
25.V — a twi’lek and a woman (from a real cell) ambush Kay and Cassian on their home from a grocery store. They demand explanation about Cassian asking around risky question a few days ago. Turns out, the rebels know the woman, Marani, too. Cassian and Kay learn that Marani was about to switch sides when she was killed—right after she collected their work. Kay is forced to show the twi’lek his slave marks so the rebels would let them both go. Finally, they exchange contacts.
26.V — Kay suddenly leaves Cassian alone and goes looking for the Imperial cell.
27.V — The next day the fake cell comes and searches the apartment while Cassian is out.
29.V — a man (Elek), saying he’s from a local rebel cell, comes to Cassian with a job, he wants a simple decoding program.
30.V — Not succeeding in his endeavour, Kay returns to the apartment where he left Cassian. They exchange the news. Cassian explains what he did while Kay was absent and they come to the conclusion that their landlord is a part of the game, possibly helping the fake cell. They contact the rebel cell and learn that they got searched by the fake cell. Kay infects the datadisk Cassian is going to give their new client (Elek) from the day before with a virus to learn their hiding spot.
31.V — Cassian goes to pass the datadisk to the client (Elek). His task is to get intel but instead he gets kidnapped by Elek.

[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

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    His commlink blinks and then indicates it’s got a message. Kay presses Open, but nothing happens. Then he presses it in the same pattern he told Cassian to press Send—twice, holding the button longer the second time. Commlink screen clears, until in the upper left corner there’s a little beating heart, showing what apparently is Cassian’s pulse, and right next to it there is an arrow. Kay looks up from the commlink—the arrow points exactly at the kid, who is still talking, thinking.
    “An attention span of a felinx, congratulations,” he remarks. “Ways of knowing something about a person without talking to them, not ways of learning something by brutally assaulting them. People they work with, their living space, surveillance. Code—not really. There aren’t many telltales in the code. They’ll just learn we are good at our job. Nothing more.”
    Kay walks around the room, his attention glued to the screen of his commlink again. The arrow points in the generally right direction. The tech uses satellites up on the orbit, the signal could potentially be hijacked, but it’s a risk they will just have to deal with. Kay walks back and forth some more, before picking up his datapad and tweaking something in the code.
    “Talking. Searching. Observing,” he says, clearly punctuating every word. “The three things you can do to learn something about a person. Think again. What are the other ways—what else they can search, how can they observe, who can they talk to. Do not,” Kay steps closer to Cassian, quickly looking at his face, before switching back to the app on his datapad and tweaking the code of the kid’s commlink in the same way he just did with his own, “let your imagination run. No drugging. No beating. These are smart people if they survived in their little cell on an Imperial planet. They know how to be subtle. Put yourself in their place. Think.”
    Kay’s fingers fly over the datapad keyboard, mending the code, until it looks like it should—and, hopefully, acts like it should. He isn’t eager to test that in the field, though.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Kay congratulates him, but is interested in a commlink screen. Cassian wonders how does a real praise from Kay look like. His 'remarcable' is oozing with an irony, his 'congratulations' is openly sarcastic despite being said with no seen emotions.
He leaves the thought aside and focuses.
"I'd search our ship in their place. But in their place I would have done it before the first contact, just to know what I should expect. If I had time, I'd do just nothing. I would wait and see what we here would do. Like, was it an occasional help, or do we want to join the cell, and if so, why haven't we before, why our interest is so sudden."
Cassian looks at Kay trying to see if he is heading in a right direction.
"If they have a contact in the Rebellion, they will ask for advice. But I don't know if they have one," he says. Once again he is outside of the situation. It is a possible way to act, but it's something Cassian himself wouldn't do. The small cells exist to help, not the otherwise. Who would want to work with someone who can't sort out even the tiniest problem.
He looks at his commlink and straight endless lines of code flooding it's screen.
"No drugging, no beating, and yet you are making a tracking devices. What do you have on your mind? What are you keeping from me? What am I missing?"



    Kay doesn’t acknowledge Cassian’s words in any way. Finally, the kid starts exploring options, thinking through them and addressing different sides and arguments, yet Kay just keeps silent. He finishes with the code and sets the datapad aside, then returns back to his original place on the other side of the room.
    “Ah, he finally pays attention,” Kay says in a detached kind of way. He presses Send once, then the second time, holding the button longer. Now there should be a message on Cassian’s commlink—the icon of it just a little bit different from the default message icon. “Press Open using the same pattern—once, then the second time hold it longer. It’s a primitive tech, easier to hide, so there are just two things on the screen there. One is a heartbeat tracker—that’s why I asked you to make sure you fix it on your wrist properly. The other is a geo-tracker. It’s about as accurate as I can make it without getting into the complicated coding stuff.”
    Kay walks back and forth around the room so Cassian can see how the arrow follows him with a tiny delay, but generally well. At least, well enough to find somebody if they, say, are dragged to some odd building on the outskirts of the city, or are thrown in jail, or anything else.
    “Press Send once, and it will close. You will not be able to open it again. Once the link is severed, it’s off completely, until the next time I send you this type of message. Otherwise it’s a boring, ordinary commlink, same as usual.” Kay sets his own commlink on mute and looks at Cassian. “Now, the fun part. You know our goal. You know we are going to be checked by these people—in one way or another, and we have no means of predicting, in which exactly. You know we are going out today, you brought me the flyers. Everything is going smoothly. Feeling safe,”—he suddenly claps his hands, but his voice is still calm—“is what can get you killed. Tell me, what can go wrong?”
    There is a rather simple answer to this question—everything. Everything can go wrong, at any point in time, anywhere, with anyone. One sniper shot through the window—and one of them is dead. One missed moment—and one, or both of them, is gone. One wrong choice—and the mission is failed. Kay watches Cassian calmly.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian plays with his commlink and the small arrow. He remembers Kay's heartbeat as a normal one. He doubts Kay is careless enough to give him a chance to compare it and to see when he is scared or nervous. He doubts Kay can be like that at all. But remembering won't hurt anyone.
He is distracted, but sudden sound brings him back to reality. Cassian flinches and remembers. Feeling safe is wrong. It might be nice, but it's dangerous. He is not into blindly believing things like that without trying them himself. But that is not the one he is eager to try. He won't be killed. And he won't let Kay be killed either.
He thinks trying and failing to find something that can go wrong. It's not like everything is perfect, Cassian just doesn't see how anything going wrong will get them killed. If people from the cell know who they really are, the mission will be harder to accomplish, but they certainly wouldn't hurt fellow rebels.
He is wrong, Cassian can feel it, but he fails to see what he is wrong about. Then he understands. Then he remembers their conversation back home. He said his judgment was poor, but the belief that the cell is truly on their side has never left him. Only now he steps back from it and looks at the situation differently.
"If they find out who we really are, and if they are not on our side, then it can go South. But if they don't find out, but they are not on our side, they can rat us out to the Empire as rebel sympathizers and slicers. We are in trouble if the cell is just a set up. That's why we are not safe even if we did the best we could. Do we have a plan for that?"



    Kay keeps an eye on Cassian until the kid finally starts talking. It‘s mesmerizing how his childhood affects him in this little, but fundamental way. It feels almost as if Cassian can’t possibly imagine the cell not being a true one. And maybe he can’t, because he grew up in one. Kay grew up in a drastically different environment, and to him, nothing really is what it says it is, until he has seen it with his own eyes—and even then, looks can lie. However, the kid’s thinking is good this time, he snaps right out of his illusion. There is a possibility he isn’t going to get killed after all. Still a slim one, but it exists.
    “There is no plan for that. We just run,” Kay says. “We break all our contact, you and I both on our own. This,”—he shows the commlink to Cassian—”should only be used if you are one hundred percent sure it is vital that we find each other again and stick together. It usually isn’t so don’t get your hopes high if we ever do separate.”
    Kay doesn’t like this part. This is one of the other reasons why he doesn’t do partners. Partners can get killed. Especially fifteen-year-old ones. Cassian may be smart for his age but he is still so very young. There is a possibility he could survive on his own while on Uquine—he still has his Fest experience, after all—but the possibility of him getting back to the base in one piece is much, much lower. Kay stays calm. From the very beginning he outlined Cassian’s chances of survival, and made the kid aware of them.
    He did not, however, make him aware of the other part. Of the part that, if an agent is unlucky, comes before death. Of the part that is much worse than death.
    “How much pain can you tolerate? What was the most physically painful experience you have ever had?”


Is the cell a trap?
Even—yes, uneven—no.

[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Suddenly Kay is dead serious. There's no teasing anymore, no irony, no sarcasm in his words. It's not a game anymore when Cassian is guessing and Kay is commenting his attempts on analysis. This is real.
It might be real.
"We run then, and return home - to the base," he corrects himself. The base is may be his home, but Kay was very precise in his words about it. "Separately. If - if - it is a set up."
It can't be. He remember that small something flickering is a woman's eyes. She reminded him of Travia, and Travia would never join the Empire. But is doesn't sound like a reason to trust a completely different woman on a completely different planet, so Cassian doesn't say anything about it.
Instead he plays along and makes himself imagine the cell is an imperial one, not rebel. He shifts uncomfortably and checks his commlink on a wrist. There is only one way to learn how to tolerate pain, and that is to endure in as much and as often as you can.
"I'm not sure," he admits at last. "I asked them to let me try, to let me in into a program for agents. But they did it only once, when the general was off the base. I was thirteen, it was the one with an interrogation droid we have. I fainted. And the general, he was mad - furious - when he has found out. Anyway," Cassian moves his shoulders just a bit to throw off the memory. "Later I knew I did not a good as I could, but it wasn't beyond hope. An acceptable result. And it was two years ago, I think I would do much better now. If I have  to, I mean."



    Two years ago Kay was already amongst rebels, but as he didn’t concern himself much with whatever was going on at the base in between his missions, he neither saw nor heard anything about this up until today. Thirteen is a very young and tender age to be subjected to training like that. Even he was eighteen when he signed up, and they didn’t get to that part of the training until a year later. Kay steps closer to Cassian, stops in front of him. He isn’t about to shout this across the room.
    “If you ever find yourself in a situation when you are being interrogated, and they ask you about me—you give me up. You give them anything and everything they would like to know about me, you, or our mission. Do not try to play a hero—they will break you in ways you cannot imagine. I can take care of myself.” Kay isn’t sure if the kid knows yet what it means, when an agent says they can take care of themselves in a context like this. Even better, if he doesn’t. “You get caught, you do not worry about me. You worry about yourself.”
    The probability of the kid listening to what he’s saying is rather low. Kay has no idea how to reinforce his words. If things turn to worse, Cassian is better off either dying a painless death after giving up information, or staying alive and as unharmed as possible to escape—if he decides to escape. The look on Kay’s face is stern. It is impossible to teach someone how to ignore pain or raise somebody’s pain threshold in just one evening. This is the best possible option he can see.
    “To be clear—this is an order. I will not tolerate disobedience. Is this understood?”
    They have to go soon, and Kay hopes this conversation is going to stay in Cassian’s memory for the rest of their time together. Nobody ever throws kids in work like this, so Cassian is just unlucky he has to learn the ropes this way. It should be a simple mission. It probably is—just a cell, just some people interested in joining the bigger, stronger Rebellion. But there always is this possibility that it isn’t, and their commlinks might come in handy.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]It's not fair. Cassian can think of many ways he can survive an interrogation without giving any real information about Kay or himself. One doesn't have to be a hero to try to save someone. But Kay decides to remind about his rank and to order. And it's simply not fair.
Cassian looks at him with all his stubborn fifteen-years-old confidence.
Some orders are meant to be broken, but he can read on Kay's face it's not one of those. There will be no interrogation. They have a simple mission, a ninety-something chance to succeed. It would mean nothing if he would lie now. No one will know about it, there''ll be no chance to try him and his honesty. But Kay will know, by that point of the mission Cassian believes Kay notices everything about him. Even those things Cassian doesn't usually know about himself.
But he is older, he is more experienced. He might be better off without having to guess what lie Cassian has chosen to tell during an interrogation. He can take care of himself. He said so.
He sighs and lowers his eyes for a moment.
"Understood." He looks at Kay again. "I'll try very hard to follow it."
That is not a lie. That much he can promise. Cassian touches his wrist hoping he'll never try Kay's modification of the commlimk. He suspects he wouldn't like Kay not tolerating anything about him.
"We should go now. So they have more tome to check us. Let's go?"



    It’s grim and dark, and Kay doesn’t like it, but it is a part of his job—and of Cassian’s job, too. Any other person would immediately go into the soothing, reassuring mode, telling the kid nothing bad is going to happen, and he is going to be just fine, they both are. Kay does nothing of the like. He just nods, acknowledging both Cassian and his answer.
    “The probability of you breaking this promise is very high,” he says. “Don’t think I don’t know it.”
    However, this is the only thing he has to say, as he quickly goes around the apartment, picks his wallet, and goes out the door, immediately transforming into the nonchalant, relaxed Nigel Harr, the man on a mission to get filthy drunk celebrating a job well done. The interesting bit is—Kay can’t get drunk. People from his planet can tolerate immense quantities of alcohol in their blood and still be as sober as a priest. Sometimes he wished he could get drunk, though.
    Kay leads them to one of the cantinas he has been to before. It is also the one from a flyer he hid just next to his own bed. There should be some kind of a meeting, or a person speaking, or something that isn’t suspicious enough for the Empire to pay special attention yet very much rebel-like. Or potentially rebel-like. The cantina itself, Low Deck, is a murky place, but the drinks are nice and the waitresses are even nicer. One of them recognizes Kay—or, rather, Nigel—and settles them comfortably behind a table in a good spot.
    A good spot to observe, but also a good spot to be observed.
    Kay looks over to Cassian and orders him a non-alcoholic drink, and a glass of local liquor for himself. Once the waitress leaves, he follows her with his eyes for a bit before turning back to Cassian.
    “You are not drinking alcohol on my watch, kiddo,” he smirks. “But we are celebrating so order yourself anything from the menu. We are going to be here for a while, might as well try some of the local cuisine.”
    In half an hour the meeting—or whatever it is—should begin, but before that they have some time to look around, even spot some familiar faces. Kay just leans back in his seat and scans the menu, seemingly uninterested in anything or anyone else.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]He snorts both as Jeron and as Cassian. So Kay turns everything into a training, he refuses to answer the simplest question leaving it for Cassian to look for one. Everything - except that. He's not allowed to drink as if he is a child. And he's not a child, he's fifteen!
He doesn't argue suspecting only a child would, so he just buries himself into a menu. The Commenor Run is close to Uquine, it brings not just resources and news, but bits of different cultures. So Cassian has heard of or can imagine about a half of the menu. Soon he shakes off his displeasure and makes an order not being sure what exactly he'll have to eat.
The cantine is full of people. There is a lot of people, but there is near-humans and non-humans as well. It's loud both with music and with hum of voices. It's bright and cheerful, and the talk they have had with Kay dissolves into a night. It's a simple easy mission, they are going to finish it in another week or so, and everything would be fine. There's nothing to worry about. Well, maybe there is something to worry about - how one should eat a strange clawed creature on his plate.
But nothing more. Nothing serious.
Cassian looks around time after time just like a teenager who likes to know everything and hates to miss anything fun would do. That's why he notices how some people just leave. They may be not interested to stay any longer. But why bother to come at all to the place where people talk? He looks at Kay then but doesn't say anything. Jeron wouldn't pay attention to something like that.



    The evening goes on and slowly turns into night, and it looks like the only thing Kay is interested in is his liquor, the more the merrier. He drinks it as easily as water, downs one glass after another and doesn’t even attempt looking around. When the waitress comes back to collect their plates, he flirts with her in a clumsy and adorable bordering on creepy way a drunk person would. She answers cheerfully and escapes his presence quickly, but that doesn’t seem to affect his, indeed, very merry mood.
    Kay can’t get drunk but he can fake being drunk damn well.
    When there are no waitresses around and no other customers he can harass with drunk questions, Kay turns his attention to Cassian and chats with him, talking gibberish and slurring half the time—something about slicing and Empire, and cells, and what he calls “a big war”, and a bunch of other things that don’t make much sense or add up. They just create lots of noise. Lots of very specific noise that Kay is very aware is being listened to by the few people around them, including waitresses passing next to their table further into the canteen.
    Finally, he looks at his watch and drops his head onto his arms on the table. “Seems like we m’ssed th’talk. Pity. Where ’re all th’people?”
    It’s a risk and a bargain, but Kay thinks that Cassian isn’t the type of person who would panic. The kid is smart, he’ll play along even if he is fooled by all this—frankly, quite outstanding—acting on Kay’s part. He turns his head to look at the kid. His face lights up with a goofy drunken smile. What was it, five glasses? Six? To a regular person watching him, Kay should be practically consisting of liquor at this point.
    “D’ya know where did they all go?”
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Kay doesn't talk about the Rebellion, and it's the only thing that shows he is still in control of himself. But it's very hard to believe so. They were so careful, so quiet. They did everything good. And now Kay is just blowing it up. No one needs a slicer who can't hold their tongue after six glasses.
Not that Cassian has counted them.
Although he did. Of course he did.
"You've scared them all with your fresh breath, Nigel" he says.
The talk doesn't matter anymore. Too many people have left, and Kay is too drunk for it anyway. They have to leave. They just have - or it will end badly. And the way Kay is works as a perfect reason to leave.
He helps Kay to stand up and searches through hi pockets to find some credits to leave on a table. More than they had to pay - as an apology, as a request for silence. He slips under Kay's hand to steady him.
"Let's go home, all right? It was a long day, now you have to rest."
They've spent here enough time for their flat to be searched. That Cassian knows for sure.



    Sometimes you have to be careful, calculated and precise in your actions. Other times you have to pretend to not have a care in the world, to mess everything up and not be in control—because that way you can step out of the box and see what drastically changed circumstances do to your opponents. Kay slurs again when Cassian searches his pockets and quickly looks around the cantina, pretending to be drunkenly stumbling towards the exit. Soon the kid catches up with him and slips under his arm, and Kay has to stop looking around.
    “No rest!” he exclaims, outstretching his arm. “Fur th‘wicked, kiddo.”
    However, he listens to Cassian, and they do go home. That was more than enough time to search the apartment and watch them both, and people did watch them in the cantina, Kay paid attention. Once a certain few people entered the room, quite a bunch of locals cleared out almost immediately, some of them—leaving their food and drinks. It’s not how people react to rebels, not usually. Unless the cell around here prefers to employ highly terroristic and dangerous methods to make their point.
    On the street Kay continues to stumble and slur and sometimes even shout, but nothing intelligible. Some of his shouts are words from popular Corellian songs, others are just random sounds. When they enter the building and go up the stairs, he can hardly step without bumping either in Cassian or the rails. Next to their door he leans on the wall and exhales a long breath.
    “Ch’ck th’lock,” he says. “It’s jamming—I’m jamming, I’m gonna be jamming with you,”—he suddenly breaks into a song, even tries to do dancing moves but ends up sliding down the wall to the floor—”S’ry. Th’lock. Check it. Still jammed?”
    If there was anybody in the flat, the lock would open easily. If there wasn’t, the lock would still be slightly jammed. It’s an old building, and an easy enough trick to track when someone wants to make a close acquaintance with your personal things. Unfortunately, Kay can’t check it himself, he still has to pretend in case they followed them into the building or there is some other vantage point to observe the door. Or there is some tech installed to do that, now. But that would mean it’s not a rebel cell. Rebel cells don’t have money and resources to do something like that. Kay keeps humming the song to himself.
dice and more dice
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]The first time Cassian doesn't even understand what Kay wants from him. There is a blush on his cheeks, and it's as red as Kay's songs are loud. It's a good thing he decided to not hate Kay anymore. If he hadn't he couldn't have done it now. He'd just left and tried to figure it out on his own.
Instead he checks the lock and opens the door. It takes some job. Kay probably wouldn't be able to do it himself.
"Fixed it. It was jammed. Do you need help entering?"
Cassian looks at drunk Kay and thinks about the way he got drunk. Fast and effective, he drank not to have a good time o distract himself, but to be drunk. Like he was trying to drown himself but forgot the correct way of doing it. There is something about this night. And his torturing order about interrogation and betraying him before. And their night talk about empathy. It all have to do something about it.
Cassian waits until Kay is inside and closes the door.
"If me not hating you makes you care, and drink, and everything, just say a word, and I'll start again," he says. It's too hard to see Kay that way. "And it was strange. This whole night is too strange. I don't get it, and I don't like it".



    Kay doesn’t need help entering, he proudly wanders in on wobbly legs and waits till the door is closed. The lock was jammed, which means nobody came. There is a possibility that whoever came jammed the lock back but it’s highly unlikely. People, even the most meticulous ones, don’t always notice such things, and if anybody came to their apartment, they would be in a rush. Kay leans on the wall inside the apartment. They are safe away from the windows, nobody could see them now.
    Nobody came. Interesting. Kay thinks about it for a while. If nobody came here, then who was watching them at the cantina? The cell? Imperial agents? Somebody else? Cassian keeps talking, and finally his words filter through. Kay stands up straight, suddenly sober and clear-headed, and looks at the kid.
    “Good,” he says. “It means you paid attention in the cantina. Nobody came here, the lock was jammed on purpose. If anybody opened it, I would know. But nobody did. However, there were people watching us in the cantina. The kind of people who make other locals hurry away, leaving their food and drinks behind. Those were either very radical rebels, or criminals, or Imperial officers disguised as civilians. This should clear up your confusion.”
    Kay looks around, quickly checking which parts of the apartment could be seen through windows from the outside. Workshop is in the inner part of the building, so it’s good, nobody can see into it without going inside. When finished with scanning the apartment, Kay looks back at Cassian. There was another thing the kid said. About drinking. That should be cleared up too. Cassian must consider himself very important if he thinks him not hating could make Kay drink and care.
    “Questions?” Kay says instead. “The probability of you having questions is very high. Go on.”
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]"Oh," says Cassian looking at perfectly sober and usual-self Kay.
He thinks fast, reevaluating everything that has happened before that moment, looking for those questions he can't answer himself. Kay was just pretending to be drunk, that is clear, so there's no need to be worry about him or the way they communicate. He should't have brought that at all, but it's too late to change it.
"How do you know people in the cantina were watching us, and not locals? How did they know they have to watch us? Why did you shout so much about is and the rebellion? Now local rebels will never talk to us and we can just return home with failed mission."
There should be some explanation, but Cassian fails to find one. But even that is not as important as the last question. For that lat one Cassian comes closer and raises his head to have a better look at Kay's eyes.
"But you drank. I saw it, and it was an alcohol, I could smell it. You had six drinks, but you are here, you are standing, talking, everything. How did you do it? Why aren't you drunk?"

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    The onslaught of questions is exactly what Kay expected, so he just waits patiently until Cassian runs out of them. The only question which he finds unnecessary is the last one—how he did it. Of course, the kid would like to know how he did it, but the answer isn’t some high-tech or a pill, or training, or anything. It’s his home. He’s Varadanian, that’s how he can do it. There are little mutations that happen to people on different planets, and Varadan just happened to be the planet where people mutated to withstand alcohol. It makes sense, given there are way too many creatures breathing ethanol out into the atmosphere. There were just two things that could happen—people either got drunk literally on air and died, or they evolved. So, naturally, they evolved.
    “Your questions,” Kay says slowly, looking Cassian in the eyes, unblinking. “They were watching everyone. They were watching us especially, because we were new, and I was loud. I was loud—and, supposedly, drunk—to make sure everyone knows where we stand. Enemies and friends alike. As for your last question—”
    Kay stops and considers his answer. He could tell the kid about his planet. Although that would be getting a tad bit too close to his personal life for him to feel comfortable about it. Yet, even if he tells Cassian he’s from Varadan, what the kid could potentially find out about him through that? Certainly not details of his past. He’ll just know, from now on, that Kay comes from a desert mining world.
    “It’s not a trick you can repeat. It’s not training, it’s the way I’m wired. You’re from Fest, you’re wired differently. You probably can withstand harsh cold climate much better than me. Did I answer your questions?”
    Now they need to think through their next step. Kay anticipates lots of waiting in coming days, but they will see how it goes. Waiting is good as it allows to prepare yourself. Perhaps, that’s what they should busy themselves with.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]
Cassian nods. "But I have another one. Our rebels - shouldn't they already know where we stand? We've just helped them."
He wants to ask about 'wired' part. He has never heard before anyone saying people are wired. They are born, raised, trained. Some of them are programmed. Like stromtroopers, for instance. Cassian knows well enough that some rebels and even some intelligence agents are programmed too.
But not wired.
Although it's very easy to imagine someone sorting out and handling colored wires hidden inside of Kay. He wished he was from a planet where one can drink without getting drunk. It probably is very useful. It must help Kay a lot. Cassian thinks that for a moment, but he is smart enough to not say it out loud and to leave that wish behind. Withstanding harsh cold sound like something useful too, and it is, but it doesn't describe Fest and his life there in any way. It doesn't give anything about any other ways he was wired there.
"Anyway, what's done is done," Cassian decides. "We'll find another way in if they are scared. We still have some time. And we can learn more about people who were watching us."



    Kay suddenly claps his hands, the loud clap rippling through the air.
    “Every time you make a quick judgement, I will clap my hands. We helped a woman. If you possess secret telepathic skills, like some jedi from tales, you better tell me now, because that way our job will be much quicker.” Kay looks at Cassian pointedly before going to the kitchen and pouring himself a glass of water.
    He can’t get drunk all that easy but alcohol sure makes him thirsty. Kay downs two glasses of water before he can bring himself to care about anything else. He shuffles around the kitchen some more, at some point looking out the window, then goes into the bedroom. He looks out the window there too, and then draws the curtain. It’s late in the night, and they both should go to sleep. Kay thinks it over.
    He doesn’t know if it’s safe. He doesn’t know if it’s not safe, either. At the moment it’s that weird time in the mission when nothing is certain. They can either provoke some action or wait and see. If he was alone, he would definitely provoke it. He did provoke it today in the cantina, to a certain extent. However, Cassian is here too, and Kay has to account for that.
    He does nothing. Just goes to sleep, and tells Cassian to do so as well.
    The night passes quietly, and in the morning Kay wakes up thoughtful. If only there was a way of knowing who watched them yesterday in the cantina. He could ask around, of course, but who would tell him? Kay stares into his plate of porridge like he’s mesmerized by it. Finally, he lifts his face up and finds Cassian. The kid might come in handy right now. Kids—teenagers are different from grown adults. They live by their own rules. Especially on planets like this one.
    “I have a task for you. Tell me, did you make friends around here? You were out quite a lot in the beginning.”
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]He's no jedi. No one is jedi anymore, there ain't any of them, just people. There's no Force, no magic tricks, no supernatural. Only skills, and will, and bravery. That Cassian believes, and he falls silent when reminded of that. There's no jedi to help and do good. The job is open for anyone who wants to take it and is able to do so. He will be able, Cassian knows it, even if for that he has to slow down with his judgement. He is planning to decide how to do so, but falls asleep the moment his head touches his pillow.
And then it's the morning, and Kay once again eats his porridge as if there is no other food. As if people really can like it and voluntarily choose it over normal food. Cassian makes himself a toast and a cup of caf - which is a normal real food. He doesn't know what they do now. Kay has said nothing and Cassian starts to suspect he doesn't know. It's hard to believe, so he is really glad to hear about the task.
"They are more like acquaintances, but yeah, I have some. Thought I might know this place better if have some locals to chat with. I think they think we are friends." Cassian says sipping his caf. "They like me. But to be fair they are really easy to charm and win. And they are still kids. Nice, but kids."
Now, he decides, he gave all information that might be useful. So he can ask. "Why?"



    “A kid speaks of children like he isn’t one of them,” Kay murmurs to himself, his habit still staying with him. “The task,” he says louder. “We need to know who was it in the cantina yesterday. I have several guesses. It’s either some criminals dangerous enough to scare people away, or Imperial officers in civilian clothes—the kind who go mostly undetected, but the locals beware of them just cause, or radical rebels, who are, to some people, border-line criminals. Go out and find it out through your friends. Be careful. Don’t get caught by anybody on being too interested in things like this. Take your commlink with you and don’t ever let it go, until we get off this planet. Make up a good story why you’re interested, if anybody asks. Make it consistent. If two people talk to each other, they should both have the same story from you. Don’t get cocky. Don’t get violent. Don’t get killed, however, it is mostly out of your hands. Don’t provoke anybody. Remember the rule of three C. Calm. Collected. Careful.”
    Kay looks at Cassian, immediately thinking of the possibility of the kid getting caught on the street, or the locals getting suspicious about them, and the possibility of Cassian actually doing a good job on his little sneaky task. Kay decides that he shall see. This is the first time he trusts Cassian to do something on his own—something more important than finding an apartment. Something closer to a real job.
    He wants to say that if Cassian does get caugh, he has no intention to come and look for him.
    He doesn’t say anything.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]He has his very own task, a mission inside the mission, and he nods through Kay's instructions, although there's a lot of them. He doesn't smile, but he knows his eyes must be shining. He's good enough for Kay to trust him with the mission. And he knows he can do it, he knows he is good enough.
Cassian checks his datapad before leaving. He doesn't think he will need it, but follows Kay's instruction anyway. And he has time; the earliest he hung with local kids was when they skipped their last two classes. It's impossible to get out faster. They have to waste their time in school, and that's the price for their safe domestic lives.
Kids, Cassian calls them when he thinks of them. Just a bunch of kids, but they like him, and Cassian likes them. He does like them. He's easy to get along with people, and he is good in that. He doesn't need to pretend, his friendliness is something he has had inside since he was left alone. He missed it the most until the general took him from Fest - having people he could love and care about.
He still likes people around him. So he likes local kinds. And they like him back. But he avoids to call them friends and when it's time, he will leave. And it would be fine.
He waits for them for some time in their usual spot. They didn't see each other for two days. Cassian was busy with his work, but he disappeared like that before, it should be fine. And it is. They don't even ask about anything, just glad he is back. Cassian smiles. There are Hari, and Vash, and Zdenka, and Jaina, and Ora, and Brent, and they are smiling too. The Kay's voice inside his head, reminding to stay calm, collected and careful, is the only thing that actually helps him to remember he has the mission and they are not friends. They just think they are.
They hang out until it's night. Well, they do. Cassian doesn't, he works, leads to cantinas he is interested in and asks careful questions, neatly hidden among his words, jokes and stories, remembers all he sees and hears until he has an answers.
He did good. Cassian knows it, but still he can't get rid of a strange funny feeling, like there's something cold between his shoulder blades. A sight, maybe? Or a doubt, a weight of responsibility, Cassian decides quickly, before he blows his great performance with an excessive suspicion.
"They have another one!" he announces closing the door but doesn't explain until he comes closer. There's no need to shout what is meant to be a secret. "Another cell. And it might be fake, people say. They say the ones who join them disappear and if return, they are different, and they are dangerous to walk near too. Imperial rebel cell, a fake one," he says proudly. "That I deducted myself. It blocks the air, doesn't let anyone interested to join the real one, because the fake one is faster. So the question is which one do we know? What do you think? I did good, didn't I?"

много дайсов

Как Кассиан справится с заданием:
1-2  — поймают на улице
3-4  — справится, но вызовет подозрение
5-6  — нормально справится

Если поймают, то это будут:
1 — имперцы
2 — имперцы притворяющиеся повстанцами
3 — настоящие повстанцы

Если вызовет подозрение, то:
Чет — подозрение настоящих повстанцев
Нечет — подозрение Империи

Если Империи, то она решит:
Чет  — что с ними никто не выйдет на связь с таким поведением, и пора арестовывать
Нечет  — усилит наблюдение и при удобной возможности обыщет все что можно, установит слежку

Если настоящих, то они:
1-2  — решат узнать что за вообще дела и выйдут на связь
3-4  — решат что мы подосланы Империей и попытаются нас убрать
5-6  — глубже уйдут в подполье

Если справится, то (если справится, вызвав подозрение, плюсуются результаты дайсов выше):
1-2 — узнает, что есть ложноячейка
3-4 — сделает это достаточно осторожно, чтобы не выдать свой огромный интерес
5-6 — все выше + среди его местных приятелей есть кто-то, связанный с настоящей ячейкой, который вопросами все же вскользь заинтересуется и расскажет о них своим.

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    Cassian returns so suddenly and so loudly that he almost catches Kay off guard. He lifts his eyes from his datapad and looks at the kid, checking his outfit for any sign of struggle. When he finds nothing, his gaze shifts to Cassian’s face, the kid’s eyes so bright, so proud. Another cell. That’s big news. So instead of having just a cell, which can be either real or fake, they now have two cells, of which they have to somehow pick the right one, the one that is a true one. If they guess wrong—they die or face incarceration. Lovely prospect.
    Cassian asks for praise, and Kay provides none. Instead he thinks, calculating the possibilities and chances, and how to not get killed in this mess of a situation. The woman could’ve been from either cell. There is no way of telling, unless you are in the cell. Or know somebody who is in the cell and can either confirm or deny suspicions.
    “Did anybody follow you around when you were asking questions? Did you notice anything strange? People or droids, or other tech, or anything?” he asks first. That’s the most important part.
    Cassian might have done well in the department of opening his mouth and charming the hell out of his friends—Kay believes, the kid is rather capable of that. But was he careful enough, did he pay attention to his surroundings—that Kay has no way of knowing except for asking. Even if he was followed, there isn’t much harm in it. One of the cells knows their address anyway. The other one, however. Hm. Kay rolls it over in his head, looks at it from different angles, trying to guess, to deduce, to imagine what he would do if he was their enemy. Or a friend who didn’t know they were friends yet.
    The mission doesn’t seem to get easier. Kay tilts his head.
    “You can ask me another question, if you’d like.”
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Kay doesn't say he did good, but he doesn't disagree with that either. And after he asks another question to which Casiian just shakes his head. He remembers the way he felt himself on his way home, and shakes his head again. Ha was overwhelmed with emotions, that's it.
And then Kay says Cassian can ask his question.
As a reward.
As if he deserved it.
"I thought you'll never let me ask you again."
He is surprised. Cassian knows for sure that on Kay's place he wouldn't want to go through this again. But Kay doesn't ban any questions or topics., doesn't hint it in any way.
He has to choose wisely. Cassian doesn't want to spoil what they have now, he likes it much more than him not speaking and spending most of his time away from Kay, avoiding him instead of picking up his knowledge and experience. He's afraid too, of what he might hear this time. But he still wants to know more. He wants to know Kay better.
"I'd like that. Just give me a minute."
The questions are rare, Cassian doesn't want to lose his reward, so he forces himself to slow down.
He wants to know everything about Kay's past, his planet, where people can't get drunk, his first mission in the Rebellion. He wants to know why Kay doesn't have any friends and why he keeps murmuring to himself. What was that one truth in a speech he used to explain how people look like when they are lying. Does he have any dreams.
Cassian carefully thinks about each question. Then he chooses.
"Why did you leave? you were with the Empire, and you did good. What did it do that made you to betray it? And what did you do to it in revenge?"



    Cassian shakes his head to all his questions. It doesn’t mean anything, but for people posing potential threat being cleverer than a young rebel kid who thinks he knows it all. Maybe he is getting paranoid about it, but paranoia is what keeps people alive in their line of work. Kay doesn’t say anything, just keeps thinking, while Cassian considers his precious question. There is a possibility he’s going to ask something off-putting again, but Kay sticks to his ways like a droid would. He just reminds himself to make sure the kid—if he survives, if they both do—doesn’t wander around the Rebellion base chatting away his secrets after they come back.
    To Kay’s surprise, Cassian picks the simplest question. The one question that doesn’t require many details to be answered. It’s easy. So easy it’s painful—because there are billions of stories like this. Kay draws a long breath.
    “They wiped out my planet and my family along with it.”
    It’s a figure of speech, of course. Varadan is still very much up there in the sky, and Kay is pretty sure it once again returned to its barbaric ways of living. But then, three and a half years ago, the Empire did not like something about it or just needed to test a new tech, Kay doesn’t remember the puny little details of it. He just remembers Varadan red from blood of his people. He never actually saw it, the news has found him later, and he has had no means of going there, but it still haunted him.
    It haunted him even more when he learnt whose order was it.
    “So I killed an Imperial general. The one person nobody could get to, except for me.”
    When Kay says it, he doesn’t sound pleased. If anything, his voice suddenly becomes hollow, even more devoid of emotion than before. Not as if he is in control of himself or successfully suppresses his emotions, but rather as if there is a hole in him, a special place in his heart where he just can’t feel anymore, completely and utterly desensitized. It’s been three years, and he still fucking hates the man.
    It’s a pity it’s impossible to kill someone twice.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]He has heard stories like that before. In fact, he has heard it just recently. But it was Fest that was wiped out. It was wiped out just partially, but festian rebels were pretty much the only people Cassian knew there so for him a gifference is minimal if exists at all.
Because of that it's hard for him to feel for Kay. The only thing Cassian can do is to hold his tongue, to think instead of react, and to not mention Fest and similarity. Then the word - 'similarity' - hits him. He winces with anoter eerie likeness as Kay is continuing his story.
So that's how it was. He left his planet and joined the military, he was an Intelligence agent and he has a general he was close with, and his planet was gone along with all people he has known and left behind. It's Kay's story, but it's Cassian's story as well. The order of events is shuffled. And Cassian didn't kill his general and never will.
He should have probably kill Kay, but he had his chance on the ship and he decided he wouldn't. He can retreat, rechannel his hatred against the Empire. Kay is not the Empire anymore. Cassian was never the Empire. It wasn't his fault and it gives him a space for forgiving. He doesn't need to forgive himself, just someone else.
It's still hard.
But it's easier.
Kay's voice sounds different, strange, devoid of every trace of pain, hatered, emotion. Cassian decides he did good not finishing the man of with bringing up Fest. Right now he looks completely capable of doing it himself.
"Were you close with the general? Was he the one who has given that order?"

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    Silence grows in the room until it encompasses everything, and Kay feels like drowning in it. Cassian asks questions that are easy to answer but the answers make Kay suffocate on the inside. He doesn’t share like this, never. He shouldn’t share with Cassian. It doesn’t matter for the mission, it doesn’t bring anything to it. It’s a little incentive for the kid, yes, but maybe Kay overestimated his own readiness to be dissected like this.
    He stares, unblinking, past Cassian, as if he was a clockwork droid, and the clockwork just ran out of charge.
    “Yes,” he says, breaking the silence. “Yes, I was. Closer than I would have liked. He was the one who gave the order.” Kay slowly focuses his gaze on Cassian’s face. His eyes feel itchy, but he blinks a couple of times, and the sensation passes. “You should stop asking questions you didn’t earn yet, otherwise the incentive will lose all its purpose. I am not here to entertain you. We are here on a mission. Go take care of the little task I have for you.”
    Kay nods at Cassian’s workplace. The task is rather simple, to encrypt a short message on the progress of their mission to the Rebellion base. It’s concise, Kay didn’t even bother forming proper sentences, just strung together keywords and punctuated them with dots here and there. Two cells. One fake. Checking. That’s all the base has to know.


When the true cell will strike?
1-2 — tomorrow
3-4 — the day after tomorrow
5-6 — in two days

How are they going to strike?
1-2 — a bomb in the apartment
3-4 — a sniper shot on a street
5-6 — they will try to detain us

If bomb—what are the consequences?
1-2 — no consequences, Kay and Cassuan notice it before it goes off
3-4 — the apartment is on fire, but Kay and Cassian aren’t harmed
5-6 — the apartment is on fire, and one or both of them are harmed

If a sniper shot—who is the first target?
1-2 — Cassian
3-4 — Kay
5-6 — there are two snipers, one for each

If the first target is Kay (or there are two snipers)—what happens?
1-2 — Kay notices before the sniper fires, he takes cover in time
3-4 — Kay notices when the sniper fires, he’s hit in the arm
5-6 — Kay is badly wounded and requires professional medical help

If they try to detain us—how many of them are there?
1-2 — two, both armed with blasters
3-4 — three, two with blasters and one with a vibroknife
5-6 — four, two with blasters and one with a vibroknife, another one is a driver

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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]The first time Cassian has seen Kay he asked why no one knew him. Kay didn't answer it that time. He doesn't now, but it's clear, why he is like that. Because he is either closed or filled with pain. That pain is raw, and it hurts to even stand that close to Kay.
Cassian swallows to get rid of that feeling and uses his chance to end this.
"Yes, sir," he says quietly.
It's the first time he addresses Kay like that since he knew about Fest. It wasn't just that, they are on a mission, and on a mission they are Nigel (and no one would look at Nigel and think of that word to call him) and Jeron (and no one would look at Jeron and take him for a boy who uses that word). But Cassian knows only a few ways to show respect, and it just feels right.
He encrypts the message fast. Cassian is good at things like that, coding and decoding was the closest thing to a game when he was a child. It's not clear by that time if he is naturally good in it or it's something he mastered. It's a good way to clear his head, though, to breathe and to decide what he is going to do next.
It's not just about the planet, that Cassian knows for sure. It's about betrayal from someone who was too close. That he never experienced in his life. Cassian had good people, the best people around him. People he trusted, respected and loved. People who deserved all of that and even more, so he was trying to give more, to give everything he could and had. Everything he was and everything he could be.
He wants to say he'll never betray Kay. But he has already promised to give him up if interrogated. And he still knows too little about Kay. He doesn't know if that's what Kay wants or needs. If he's better off being left alone.
So he doesn't say anything. After all, Cassian decides, he can just stay around. Without any promises to make or break.
With that he nods to himself, and carries on with his task, and all he says after that is "Done."

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    Cassian’s questions make Kay remember—not that he ever forgets, really—and he deals with it the only way he knows how—by burying himself in work. He makes himself switch from the childhood memories to present, and he doesn’t get out of his work mode neither that day, nor the next day, nor the day after that. He gets them another couple of jobs, to keep the legend running, and he smiles and laughs, and tells fantastic stories to their clients. Nigel doesn’t hurt. Nigel doesn’t have a messed-up past.
    Somehow, among all of this, Kay is certain the next time Cassian does something worth rewarding he will allow yet more questions. There is something about telling his story, albeit fragmented, to this kid. There is something about the kid himself, but Kay doesn’t delve deep into these thoughts. It shouldn’t matter, it’s just a little motivational game, and he convinces himself that it, indeed, doesn’t matter.
    Kay takes Cassian with him when he goes out, this time not to some cantina but to a grocery store. On the way there he describes one story that never happened, except to an imaginary Nigel Harr, and on the way back, along the evening streets with grocery bags in his hands, he tells another. All of them are light and entertaining, and a bit funny, and Kay tells them perfectly, with spot-on humour. Maybe, he gets into it too much, or the strangers are just too good at their job, it’s difficult to tell.
    Kay just feels somebody approaching, and one of the strangers, a twi’lek, is tall enough to throw his arm over Kay’s shoulders in what could have been an amicable gesture was it not for a blaster pressed to Kay’s side. “Keep walking,” he says quietly.
    “What is this?” Kay asks, not breaking his Nigel persona even for a moment, and quickly looks over to Cassian. “You picked the wrong time to assault us, we just spent all our money in the store. Would you like some bread instead?”
    Well, this is smart. Here, on the street, Kay can’t do what he would have done otherwise, because Nigel is peaceful. He doesn’t fight. Doesn’t know how to fight hand-to-hand. If Kay breaks his character, and somebody who isn’t supposed to be here sees that, it would be impossible to continue the mission. So he stays perfectly calm—except for a nervous smile on Nigel’s face—and calculates.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]They never continue that talk again. Cassian thinks he should earn it by doing something good, but he's not sure if Kay wants it. He's not sure if he wants it.
Cassian was a child when his parents died. He was a child when he was taken from Fest. He was a child when festian rebels were killed and there were no festian rebels but him. He doesn't remember how he dealt with it. He doesn't know how to deal with it now. He feels too much, both his and Kay's pain linger, and on the top of that he isn't sure if he is supposed to feel that way. He isn't sure what he feels, to start with.
Kay turns into Nigel. He is funny, easy-going, nice and doesn't care much about anything. Cassian tries to do the same. He puts away everything he doesn't want to feel. He uses his Jeron persona just as he used his bunk when he was a kid - to hide his stuff underneath is instead of getting everything in order. He keeps his decision to stay with Kay though.  It's an easy one, especially when Kay is Nigel, and they just live day after day and they once again wait.

The wait ends suddenly, on a street, with a blaster's barrel pressed into his left kidney. Cassian is a hair away from breaking into a run, but Kay is so calm he understands they are not breaking their legend yet. So he stays. He looks like he is scared but tries very hard to pretend he is not. It's very close to what he truly is right now.
He turns his head to see a human next to him, then a twi’lek next to Kay. The twi’lek presses his blaster harder into Kay, his hand is blue and veins there is swollen of tension. But his voice is calm "I'd like you doing as you were told."
The human grabs Cassian's arm, and her grip is strong, but confident, calm, collected. Everyone is, but him, and Cassian doesn't like it, so he tries to calm himself down.
Cassian believes he knows the city, but he is quickly lost in a tangled rout they are taking. He looks at Kay on their walk waiting for him to give any tiny sign. He tries to look at the human and the twi'lek, to remember everything about them, but every time his convoy notices that, she tightens her grip on him. 
"Your boy asks too many questions and is too loud doing it," the twi'lek says quietly to Kay. "You have about a minute to explain it - no shouting, no calling for help, just a plain and nice explanation. Then we'll decide what to do, whether to drag it or not."


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