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Рейтинг: 18+
Игровые периоды: II.02 BBY и V.34 ABY

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Луна Кода, Боби Даррст, Себ Телана, Джессика Пава, Фазма, Анук Рен

Думал он и о том, каким негероическим
было их задание — и каким нужным.
Cassian Andor

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Without me you would be dead [AU]

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Cassian Andor, Kay Tooesso

Время: BBY
Место: in a galaxy far, far away
Описание: Cassian is old enough to start helping out on missions, but apparently he isn’t old enough to do it on his own.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

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    Kay smirks. It’s the first human emotion he displays in Cassian’s presence. Although the smirk is fleeting, it is definitely Kay’s—not Nigel’s, not any other persona’s he uses for work. He schools his features rather quick, and his face returns to being calm and collected and almost blank. Kay can appreciate an eager learner when he sees one. Even though he finds Cassian’s attempt weak and unconvincing.
    “Remarkable. I just gave you the instruments to fool me, and you didn’t even think to wait a couple minutes,” he says in an even voice. “You want to know ‘how am I doing it’ desperately enough for it to be the first thing you asked me upon meeting. You know my name and my rank, and maybe a bunch of rumors, but nothing more. I know a lot more about you than you do about me. I know your homeworld, I know your story with the Rebellion, I can read you the same way I can read every last person on the base. If I were in your shoes, I would definitely be that desperate to know more about me. But even then—you can never be sure if I lied or not.”
    Kay isn’t sure if the kid even considered that the answers to his questions still might not be truthful. He seems to trust Kay because Kay is his lieutenant, his appointed mentor, because the general trusts Kay, perhaps. Because Kay is a part of the Rebellion. He said he would answer any one of Cassian’s questions, if the kid managed to fool him. He never said the answer would be true. It clearly didn’t occur to Cassian to ask.
    “I lied. In that entire story I told you there was one detail that was based on true events,” Kay says. Then nods his head to the door. ”You have twenty minutes to collect whatever you think is going to be useful for the mission and relevant to your Jeron persona, and I will meet you near the hangar. Off you go.”
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]"What was the..." Cassian falls silent. It may be a trick, a way to make him waste his question. It may be a test evaluating his patients and ability to wait. Even if it's not, Kay may answer, what the detail was, but not explain how he changed it to make it a lie.
He shourd be smarter than waisting his trophy and not knowing how to get the answer Kay can't twist to make uninformative and vague.
"I''ll ask when I want to," he stubbornly repeats, then remembers, that time he was given is running out. Cassian nods and turns like a soldier, a little bit stubborn one, but a soldier nevertheless. He used to be stubborn, when he was a child, but his incompliance was carefully washed out from him by years, his commanding people, his caring ones and - more than anything - by seeing how the very same trait killed other people and hurt the Rebellion.
He runs down the corridors and digs his stuff from under his bunk like a child. He packs quickly. There are wires, cables, cords, gears and cogs, base commands, bit nothing that has or used to have information about the Rebellion on it. He changes his clothes either and dresses in layers like festians do.
Cassian is almost late, but makes it on time.
"Sir," he tries to catch his breath standing in front of Kay. Then corrects himself, "Nigel."



    Kay turns, smiles cheerfully and nonchalantly. The starship next to him, an old VCX-100 light freighter, looks a bit worn but promises to endure another couple of years before either completely falling apart or requiring a major makeover. It’s their ship for the mission, and up to this point Kay was busy acquainting himself with it. He has never flown it before but upon the quick inspection concluded that it’s nothing new.
    Kay looks Cassian up and down. The kid is dressed differently, more Festian-like, in multiple layers—like somebody who knows all too well what a harsh thing winter is. Kay himself is dressed differently, too. Instead of his usual black and dark green clothes, he now sports much brighter outfit, complete with a jacket which looks like something that was stolen from a drunk body in some cantina on the outskirts of the galaxy. Everything about him screams lowly born but highly professional, hire-me-and-you-won’t-regret-it kinda guy.
    “Ah, kiddo, go on in,” he says after a moment, looking positively pleased with the freighter, with the companion, with the day, and with anything and everything that the universe might throw their way, and motions with his hand. “Straight, then turn to the left, yours is the second door. Make sure it looks like you lived there for a while. We don’t want anybody asking unnecessary questions.”
    Kay stays outside for some minutes, examining the freighter’s condition one more time before going in himself and closing the ramp. Inside the ship, he goes straight to the cockpit and busies himself with preparing the ship for the take-off. The Uquine is quite some way away from the Rebellion base, and Kay is not the type of person who likes loosing time.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian can't help but smile back. It's not like Nigel wins him with his charm (although he actually does just that). Cassian starts to like Kay himself. The way he explains things, the fact that he looks more like a droid than a human being, but then he says something - and reveals how deep and mysterious he really is. The way he teases Cassian with his first won question. The way he dissolves into his character. He is interesting, he doesn't lie about important things, and somehow, in his own peculiar way, he cares. About their mission mostly, but it's fine. Cassian too cares about it more than about anything else. It's his first and he has to be good and to prove he is fit for the job.
His cabin is small, empty and terrifyingly clean. His cabin is his. For a first minute he just sits, feeling it, getting used to having so much personal space. It's not like he needs it - most of the time Cassian tries to learn something useful or to help someone anyway. In some way the base is his personal space. But still, still.
He deals with the emptiness and spotlessness fast enough. Imagines how he lives here for a long time, what he sees first when he wakes up and falls asleep. Where he works and where all lost details fall. What his life looks like and whether his cabin is too small, too big or just right for his taste.
Some time later he finds Kay in a cockpit.
"Let me help you," he says. "I've done with my place what I could, I'm free to help."
He reaches for a row of buttons, but never presses any, just feels them one by one.
"I know that we're on mission and I shouldn't talk about that, but... D'you think I'll get into those fifteen percents?"

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    Kay suppresses the startle—the kid almost caught him off guard, thinking through the infiltration plan. The ship is ready for the take-off, the engine working fine and dandy—apparently, it’s much newer than the ship itself. The freighter is a good cover for their legend, it’s not new but, at least partly, it’s not old either. It consists of bits and pieces, some new and some old, just like it should, if you’re living like Nigel and Jeron—working little jobs and scrambling up just enough money to replace the next worst part in the ship.
    “Is this your question?” Kay asks in return, then chuckles a little, looking at Cassian. “Either way, I can count the probability for you, I can’t predict future. And it was ten for the first mission. Sit down and hold on.”
    As in most freighters, there is a seat for the second pilot. Kay returns to a console in front of him, switches some tumblers above his head, not even looking at them, and then slowly lifts the ship off the ground. An odd screeching sound comes from somewhere within the ship, and for a moment Kay frowns like a person who tries to remember something hidden very deep in their memory.
    “Ah,” he finally says and presses a button. The sound subsides and then disappears completely. “You wanted to help. How much do you know about flying starships? Do I navigate you with ‘red button’ and ‘green button’ or with ‘hyperdrive engine’ and ‘accelerator’?”
    Kay talks not looking at Cassian, all his attention concentrated in front of him. They are clear for the planetary take-off. Kay navigates through the air above the Rebellion base with the ease of a person who has done it many times before, to the point of it almost being a reflex, something you don’t even have to think about. For some time they ascend slowly. The sky above gets gradually darker—as if they were diving into the abyss.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian bites his tongue and sits. It won't be his question, he won't let Kay trick him into it. The one he has won must be about Kay, not about him or his chances. Besides, Kay in a way gives his answer. He shows he prefers counting and facts over opinions. And Kay's opinion was exactly what Cassian wants to know and fails to get. He's also angry a little bit with himself. It was ten, and he has forgotten, and Kay has noticed. He must be more mindful.
Cassian mentally scolds himself but stays quiet.
All that fades away along with the base's sky as they are ascending.
"The later," he answers keeping his eyes on space blooming around them. Then Cassian frowns and admits, "Although, back home they let me do on-planet flights only. I did interstellar ones on simulators."
He did, and did good. Cassian lifts up his hand and presses the button that has to be pressed at that stage. Kay has the same one on his side of console, but Cassian reaches his one the first, being only slightly worried he might kill them. There's a lot of buttons, and not all of them are good ones.
He does not kill them and that feels like a good start. Especially after he killed the Rebellion, according to Kay.
He falls silent again. Looks at the darkness outside their starship. Then at the console, at Kay. He has a strange feeling. His first real mission, his big adventure has been started, and yet he doesn't feel nothing special. Maybe, later, when he beats that ten percents chance. Ten on a first mission, then fifteen. Then five.
Cassian doesn't like the way his thoughts are leading him. After another moment of silence he breaks it.
"So, what are you doing to entertain yourself during flights? And no, it's not the question either. I'm asking that to learn, to know, how to apply my time and myself in a best way."


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