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[AU] Without me you would be dead

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Cassian Andor, Kay Tooesso

: 11 BBY
: in a galaxy far, far away
: Cassian is old enough to start helping out on missions, but apparently he isnt old enough to do it on his own.

the timeline

10.V Cassian is assigned to be Kays trainee
11.V Kay and Cassian get their first mission and discuss how to approach it. Sometime later that day they go to Uquine.
20.V a woman comes to them with a job, a simple fishing tool which can provide access to internal messages of any network its implemented into. They suspect shes from a cell. (And she is from a fake one.)
21.V in the morning after finishing the job they talk about why Cassian things the Empire is bad. Cassian passes the finished job back to the woman. Kay tinkers with commlinks turning them into GPS, and in the evening they both go to a (rebel) talk at a cantina called Low Deck. There are people watching them at the cantina. Kay gets thoroughly drunk, and Cassian has to drag him home. The apartment didnt get searched as Kay thought it would.
22.V Kay tasks Cassian with asking around about the people who watched them in the cantina the day before. Cassian learns from his friends that there are two cells, one is fake, the other is not.
25.V a twilek and a woman (from a real cell) ambush Kay and Cassian on their home from a grocery store. They demand explanation about Cassian asking around risky question a few days ago. Turns out, the rebels know the woman, Marani, too. Cassian and Kay learn that Marani was about to switch sides when she was killedright after she collected their work. Kay is forced to show the twilek his slave marks so the rebels would let them both go. Finally, they exchange contacts.
26.V Kay suddenly leaves Cassian alone and goes looking for the Imperial cell.
27.V The next day the fake cell comes and searches the apartment while Cassian is out.
29.V a man (Elek), saying hes from a local rebel cell, comes to Cassian with a job, he wants a simple decoding program.
30.V Not succeeding in his endeavour, Kay returns to the apartment where he left Cassian. They exchange the news. Cassian explains what he did while Kay was absent and they come to the conclusion that their landlord is a part of the game, possibly helping the fake cell. They contact the rebel cell and learn that they got searched by the fake cell. Kay infects the datadisk Cassian is going to give their new client (Elek) from the day before with a virus to learn their hiding spot.
31.V Cassian goes to pass the datadisk to the client (Elek). His task is to get intel but instead he gets kidnapped by Elek.

[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

K-2SO (2018-03-28 00:47:05)



Watchful, presice and cautious is a good intelligence officer. Cassian Andor, 15, all knees and elbows, heart full of hope, despite of desperate times - because of desperate times - is none of those things. He lacks age, but he's overgrowing this flaw and trying the best he can. He's shaving already; not that he has to, it just makes him feel a little bit older, than he is.
He lacks skills, but not as much as he used to. A week ago he's told that his decoding is exceptionally good. That word - exceptionally - carves a smile on his face. He tries to hide it, but fails. A good intelligence officer knows how to hide his real emotions. But then again - Cassian is not a good intelligence officer. He's not even an ordinary one. Not yet.
He lacks age and skills, but he is loyal, and smart, and willing to give everything for the victory of the Rebellion, so they decide to give him a chance anyway.
The chance's name is Kay Tooesso. Cassian knows him, but he still isn't sure what to think of him. Is his thing with numbers just a facade, covering different, real Kay? Is he really dangerous? Is he just look like he is? Is he able of dropping his usual sarcasm?
Cassian spends a good share of his free time watching the man. He'll join the Alliance intelligence; sure thing he can read Kay, can catch something about him.
Something. Anything.
But nothing he catches.[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]

Cassian Andor (2018-03-30 17:53:49)



    All two meters of Kay are skeptical of this entire affair. He makes it abundantly clear and achieves nothing with it. A general doesnt want to hear any of it.
    Kay looks him dead in the eye and says, Would you like to know the probability of this boy dying? Its high. Its very high.
    Make it low then, lieutenant. Hes your trouble now, not mine, says the general, and this phrase marks the end of the conversation. You will get your next mission later tomorrow.
    Because of course he is Kays trouble now. Because of course when the general has gone and saved the boy and brought him to the Rebellion, and raised him, and semi-trained himof course it all meant that Cassian Andor would end up as Kays trouble. Somehow all little projects of generals end up as Kays trouble. Kay has no idea why it keeps happening, maybe hes being too reliable or too loyal, or he seems like someone who can take care of the kid. He cant take care of the kid.
    The kid should never learn of it, though.
    Kay practically avoids Cassian for the best part of the day. Hes pretty sure, by the looks of it, that Cassian got the news before he did, otherwise there is no reason for him to try and subtly observe Kay. Well, subtly. The boy probably thinks hes being subtle. Kay finds it amusing. Until in the evening he finds it annoying and confronts Cassian in a canteen by the means of sitting down across the table from him and landing a long, calm stare on the boys face.
    Cassian, right? The general thinks you are my trouble now, he says, his voice just as calm and collected, and seemingly indifferent, as his stare. Whats the probability of you being my trouble? Fifty percent? Higher? Lower? Kay shows the imaginary percent bar with his hands.
    He has never been good at talking with children and teenagersor anyone, for that matter. People find him either too upfront, or too sarcastic, or lacking tact. Interestingly enough, it never caused him any trouble in his line of work.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

K-2SO (2018-03-28 01:11:36)



"Zero?" Cassian answers carefully. "Although I might become an Empire's trouble. In a time."
In a short time, he wants to add, but listens to his inner voice instead. It sounds a lot like a general's voice and reminds that there's no use in bragging, not now, not ever. And Cassian stays quiet.
He still doesn't know anything about Kay. Is he irritated with this sudden mentorship? Is he pleased with it? Along with Kay's voice and his stare, blank, dispassionate, indifferent, that uncertainty makes Cassian both curious and watchful.
He puts down a fork, not finishing his barely started meal. He used to stuff himself with anything edible he could find in his first months or even years on the Rebellion base. As if he couldn't be sure there would be another chance to eat. He's spent quite a time breaking that habit, and by now it doesn't bother him at all. The man in front of him is more important. Watching him is more important.
"Cassian, right. Cassian Andor." He's not sure if he has to add 'sir', but decides not to. On a mission it might give them away. "And you are Kay Tooesso. I know you. Well, no, actually I don't. But no one does. Why? How are you doing it?"
He watches Kay, waiting not for a response, but for a reaction to his question. For the glimpse of anything on his face.
The man is big. They are sitting, but Cassian still has to lift up his head to see his face. How can someone that big and that calmly threatening blend in with a crowd and be inconspicuous? Cassian doesn't ask about it. Instead he smiles, deciding that Kay must be really good, I-don't-have-to-worry-about-petty-trifles-stormtroopers-really-are good. Maybe even the one of the best in their line of work.
"Glad to works with you. I'll do my best, I promise."[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]

Cassian Andor (2018-03-30 17:53:59)



    Its fascinating how the kid thinks he isnt going to be his trouble. Kay remembers what the general was saying about Cassianthats hes very eager to help, hes street-smart, hes quick, and that he could make a good agent in a due time. That hes fifteen. But all of that just confirms that he is going to be Kays trouble. His constant, very passionate about the cause trouble. Kay has been in the Rebellion for years now, and still he cant make his peace with dragging children into it. The more eager the kid is to help, the worse it all ends. Hes seen it happening over and over again since joining up.
    Kay drops his hands on the table and considers Cassians questions. He could answer them, sure, but what would be the point? Its not the kind of information that would save Cassians life on a mission. Its neither useful nor educational. The kid is smiling as if something good is happening to him. Kay doesnt return the smile.
    You eat, and Ill talk, he says, nodding at Cassians dinner. I am not going to answer your questions, my answers, as well as the details of my personal life, are of no use to you. I am your lieutenant, and you arehe searches for the right wordmy subordinate, and thats all that should concern you. Around here youll address me as sir, and Ill address you as Cassian. Out there youll call me by whatever name I tell you, and I am going to do the same. When I tell you to do something, you do it and dont ask questions. If I am not there to boss you around, you use your head. In eighty percent of situations I am going to be there to boss you around. So do your best in those twenty percent when Im not.
    Kay talks calmly and matter-of-factly, there is no animosity in his voice despite the sharp words. The rules are really simple and easy to follow, or so they seem here, at the Rebellion base, in the safety of the canteen. The general said they would get their mission tomorrow, and it means that their field work begins all too soon for Kay to have time to teach Cassian anything truly useful in a safe environment. He will have to rely on whatever the kid knows already and the kid will have to pick up skills on the go.
    One more thing. There is a ninety percent chance of you dying on your first mission, Kay says, looking Cassian in the eye. Eighty-five on your second. Ninety-five on your third. I would appreciate it if you didnt die on your first, second or third mission. Its not exactly a pleasant walk in a park after the third mission either, but at least youll stop looking like something good is happening to you. He leans in closer to Cassian and adds, Were going to get briefed for our first mission tomorrow. Dont mistake it for fun.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

K-2SO (2018-03-28 22:35:14)



"Yes, sir," Cassian answers, shifting his shoulders a little bit; his posture straightens up almost unnoticeably in a blink of a moment. His smile fades away from his face as it was never there.
The way Kay is talking is somewhat unexpected, mostly due to the fact that Cassian doesn't know what to expect from him at all. But demands themselves and the way Kay is talking don't actually bother Cassian. He knows the drill, he had seen a lot of times how enlisted soldiers are trained. How orders and trainings wears them out until all necessary reactions, that could and certainly will save their lives in real fight became natural and automatic. Perhaps, intelligence has its own mandatory reactions, that every officer must follow without giving it much thinking.
Cassian returns to the food on his tray. He tries to stay calm and collected, but it's hard. He didn't know they were going on a mission so soon, but he is happy to hear the news.
More than anything he wants to ask about the mission. Then he remembers Kay said 'we'. He probably doesn't know anything about it either.
About percentage then. It's strange and a little illogical in Cassian's opinion. Why is the second mission the safest? Why is the third one the most dangerous among them all? Then he remembers. Kay isn't going to answer his questions.
It doesn't mean that Cassian can't answer them himself.
"Eighty five, because the second mission makes you more cautious, ninety five, cause you think that after surviving the first two you know everything?"
He looks at Kay, that time differently. He's trying to learn something not about the man, but about the work and the mysterious percentage Kay might be making up.
"Anyway, ten, fifteen and even five percent of success and survival is good enough. I know that missions are not fun. I may be young, sir," he adds carefully, "but I am old enough to know that sometimes there are no chances at all."[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]

Cassian Andor (2018-03-31 12:15:02)



    Cassian changes ever so slightly, snaps into his new role very subtly. Well, that went smoother than expected. Kay has never had any trainees before, its not something he does. He isnt good with people around here, they tend to avoid him just as much as he tends to avoid them. The word most commonly used to describe him is stiff, but Kay knows that what it truly means isImperial. However, the general trusts him and so everyone else is obliged to trust him, too. Why of all people would the general pick him to train Cassian is beyond Kay. Maybe he saw something that Kay doesnt. Some personal connection, some reason they would make good partners.
    For a short moment Kay analyses Cassians attitude then decides that if this is to work, he needs to establish some sort of a rapport with the kid. At least, in his limited experience in working with a partner, it usually helps. People tend to listen to the ones they like more attentively. Kay doesnt need Cassian to like him, but he doesnt need the kid to dislike him either.
    Ah, he thinks, Kay says, reclining a little bit, and the amusement is clear in his voice even though his face is still calm and indifferent. Remarkable. Indeed, the third mission is the most dangerous because young people such as yourself become cocky.
    Kay cant tell at this point if Cassian is going to be one of them, the cocky, know-it-all brats who die on their fourth mission, because nobody warned them the fourth one is even worse than the third. Nobody warned Kay, and he wasnt a kid, and he barely survived his fourth mission. If only fate was more merciful to Cassian, that would be more than enough.
    I dont think you are cocky, not right now anyway, but you say you know that missions are not fun yet you smile like they are. I can see your excitement, youre like a puppy thats gonna get walked soon, Kay tilts his head a little bit. You hide it well enough, if youd like to know.
    Thats one of the reasons people dislike casually talking to him. Kay has a habit of laying the other person bare, and he has a habit of doing it out loud, too. He never means any harm, though, and he doesnt enjoy reading othershe does it without any second thought. He does it even before he can think about it. Thats what unsettles people.
    Interesting, Kay concludes. How often have you been off the base? How much of the galaxy have you seen so far?
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

K-2SO (2018-03-30 03:39:30)



Cassian wants to say 'he' is sitting right here, he isn't cocky, he isn't a puppy either. He wants to snap more than anything, although it's probably an awful way of proving that he isn't cocky.
He doesn't.
Cassian just stares at Kay and tries to see a bigger picture. Some reason the lieutenant acts like that with him. Is it to push him and see if he gives? Is it to see if he is able to notice approval, neatly hidden among Kay's sharp words? Is it just the way he talks, that has nothing to with Cassian personally?
He swallows his annoyance with his dinner, and thinks what he truly lacks is a toehold. Something that will help to understand how to talk with Kay. Something, that will make him to feel as he is safe.
He is safe. He knows he is. He is on the Rebellion base, that's more home to him than his real home, that by now is just a collection of memory fragments, pieces of distant voices, colors, scents and snow. Cassian can't explain it. It's not about knowing, but about feeling. There is something dark, unsettling about Kay Tooesso, which makes Cassian a little nervous.
"Not well enough, if you can read it," he says finally, choosing that from everything he wished he could say. That sounds like something he can say and not be considered rude as a subordinate - a subordinate, not even a private; he goes without a rank, spared of it, as some like to say, as if the rank is something you can be spared of and should be glad because of it.
"As for the galaxy, not much," Cassian admits with half a heart. "I lived on Fest. I was on Carida once, but I remember almost nothing of it."
He remembers his mom crying. He wishes he remembered her smiling and laughing, but crying is better than nothing. He remembers Carida wasn't cold and there was no snow at all; it was warm and nice, and trees were blossoming, when they came to collect his dad's body. He doesn't remember his dad being not dead.
"I lived on all bases we had," Cassian continues, shaking off his memories. "I was on Coruscant couple of times, on lower levels mostly. I went to Lasan once. That's it."
It doesn't sound as something that might please Kay, so he tries to find the way to redeem himself.
"But I know a lot about planets and systems: I listen others talking about their homelands or their missions. It's not like I know nothing about the world outside."[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]

Cassian Andor (2018-03-30 21:33:47)



    Kay does the same thing he always does, he observes and analyses. Cassian is either devoid of pride, which is unlikely, or smart enough to react calmly. Kay is fairly certain the kid is just smart and doesnt want to cause himself any trouble by snapping or disrespecting his commanding officer. Kay nods. So its Fest he hears in Cassians accent. Its very light, the type of accent you cant place anywhere in the galaxy until the person tells you where they are from. The type of accent you would get if you were a kid who left their home planet a long time ago. As far as Kay knows, thats exactly the case.
    You dont have to prove yourself to me, he says. Not on the base, anyway. But we can do a little exercise, if youd like. The odds of you succeeding are extremely low, but you can still try. And keep trying until you succeedmaybe not today, but at some point. Hopefully, I wont be dead by then.
    There is one thing in which Cassian is almost right, and that thing isif Kay can read him, then he doesnt conceal his emotions well enough. Given that Kay is rather good at this, Cassians charade would probably fool an ordinary person and maybe even some soldiers but its unlikely to fool a trained professional. However, just like anything else, it is a skill. Lying isnt something that people are just born with. It is practiced and trained.
    And it is essential for an intelligence officer to be able to lie just as easily and naturally as breath.
    Fool me, Kay says. In any way you can.
    He pauses, looking for a good enough incentive for Cassian to really get into it. This is a kind of exercise that has to be done regularly. What could possibly make it interesting for the kid? Make him keep trying even if he fails the first couple of dozen times?
    If you succeed, I will answer any one of your questions. If you dont, Kay shrugs his shoulders with a hint of a smile on his face, you just keep trying until you do. How about that?
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]

K-2SO (2018-04-01 05:25:34)



Kay does something with his lips. It might be a smile - a rough draft of it at least - Cassian isn't sure, but desides to take it as one.
"Are they higher than the odds of me surviving?" he grins back.
He likes an exercise Kay is suggesting. He likes both his future prize and the idea of besting the man and becoming a better in the intelligence craft simultaneously.
He gives it another thought and frowns.
"I won't do it while on the mission. Just can't. If I win, I'll put us in danger. And I'd like you to answer some of my questions anyway. Those about the intelligence, for instance. Those that can make me better as an operative and a proud surviver of my first three missions. Other than that..."
Cassian pauses. Remembers.
"Other than that, sir," he adds this time, because the time you can talk without showing you know who is in charge, is always limited, "deal."
He reaches his hand for a handshake.
"I'll fool you. Will be trying until I'm really able to do that. Sir."[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]

Cassian Andor (2018-04-02 01:44:10)



    The incentive works like a charm. Kay briefly looks at Cassians hand as if he is surprised at the gesture but then shakes it firmly but gently, as to not crush the kids youthful palm in his own broad one. The ground rules that Cassian lays for himself are reasonable. With the missions being off-limits, it is safer for both of them. As for his other questions, this is asking for an amendment.
    An amendment, Kay says. I will answer any one of your personal questions. I do not plan to withhold valuable information from you. Anything youd like to know directly related to work you may ask anytime. Just dont get too excited, Im not your personal Holonet search engine.
    Cassians survival is just as much in Kays interests as it is in his own. Providing the kid with the fullest information possible is guaranteed to make his chances of living long enough to see his double-digits missions much higher. Kay moves his gaze, previously fixed on Cassians face, to look around the canteen. However, he seems equally disinterested in both food and people, and it is more of a gesture to punctuate the pause rather than anything else.
    Once you receive and get acquainted with your mission briefing tomorrow, come and find me, Kays eyes return to Cassians face. Enjoy your evening.
    He gets up, nodding to Cassian, and leaves, carefully shuffling out of the canteen without talking to anyone or even looking at anyone, as if people around him dont matter. They dont, not to him, not reallythe job matters, the tasks and orders, the Empires inevitable fall, but not the rebels. Cassian matters only because he is the task, but even that is temporary. Whatever mission the general decides to give them, however easy and devoid of difficult choices it is, Kay mentally prepares himself for trouble.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



It's like Kay sees himself as the only sentient being on a base. He walks as if anyone else around him is irrelevant. Just some random people happened to be around, that have nothing to do with the mission Kay has. It's pretty clear he doesn't have any connections here. Cassian just can't stop thinking about if it just the way the thing are for all intelligence officers or is it just Kay.
He stops following Kay for the rest of the day. Instead Cassian wanders around the base wondering about his first mission and trying to forget his survival odds. Ten is not bad, he convinces himself. But manages to see all people he considers to be his friends. Just in case. He never asks no one of them about Kay. They have an agreements. It would be unfair to ask around and to destroy his prize.
Nonetheless, his excitement returns the very next morning. He hides it.
He fails.
He doesn't care.
The idea of him being chosen for a field training, for a real mission with a real intelligence officer overjoys him. Cassian likes the general Draven a lot. But the general doesn't work in the field anymore. Besides, Cassian suspect he still sees him as a child. And he wants to be treated as an agent.
He supresses his emotions only to go through a briefing. The mission is easy. Too easy, for Cassians taste, but it doesn't mean it is unimportant. A big amount of what they do, as he knows, is some trivial, boring tasks, that have to be done. This time it's to observe and to evaluate a small cell that wants to participate in their Fight. It might be an Empire's trap, a smart way of infiltration the Rebellion, of fighting it from the inside. It's probably not. No one says it aloud, but Cassian clearly hears it in a tone.
He finds Kay in a half an hour, when he is sure that there is no sign of a joy on his face.
"G'day." He stands at attention and continues, imitating a soldier's way of presenting himself. "Lieutenant Tooesso, sir, I'm ready."[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]

Cassian Andor (2018-04-02 18:23:54)



    The next day the kid is like a puppy again. Kay can almost imagine him wagging his tail in excitement. He doesnt say anything about it this time, just lifts his eyes from his datapad with a mission briefing on its screen and nods.
    Cassian, he acknowledges. At ease.
    The mission they got is relatively safe. It doesnt include finding or talking to sources, infiltration, slicing, or anything of the kind. The odds of Cassian surviving this one are higher than ten percent, but Kay doesnt tell him. Firstly, the kid is better off believing he is in more danger than he truly is. Secondly, the general obviously cares for the kid in his own way, and that is exactly the way people become cocky and die. They start believing they are special. Nobody is.
    Kay gets up from his place at the canteen table leaving a cup of water behind and motions Cassian to follow him. Despite the base being a friendly territory, discussing their mission in public would be a purely moronic decision. Kay doesnt do moronic decisions. They move away from the canteen and common spaces towards the barracks, until Kay stops and opens one of the doors.
    Come in, he says.
    The roomhis roomis just about as ascetic as it can possibly get. But for a pair of boots next to a door and a paperback book on a table, it would be impossible to guess anybody even occupies it. The room looks lonely in its pristineness, but Kay doesnt seem to care or even notice it. There is only one chair, and he leaves it for Cassian, sitting down on his bunk instead. It looks like the room was meant for two, at least the bunk was, but instead happened to be occupied solely by Kay.
    So tell me, what did you understand from the briefing, and what do you know about Uquine, he says, switching his datapad back on and fixing his calm, unblinking stare on Cassian.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]It's like the sole reason of his briefing was to give Kay an opportunity to debrief him. A room they are in is quiet and stripped of almost any sign of personality. Almost, because Cassian isn't sure if he can take a book and boots as a personality marks. In some way that room is emptier than the one he was briefed in. Emptiness and inability to escape aren't important for debriefings, but they are for questionings.
Cassian moves trying to shake that feeling off.
"Uquine," he admits what is his biggest flaw today. "I know nothing about it. It's somewhere in the Colonies. That I know for sure."
It's a guess, but Cassian knows he's right. Central planets seldom have any cells ready to see the world as it really is and take their part in its liberation. Even Mid rim ones have too much to loose. Colonies and Outer rim, once separatist's, now trying to survive and to save at least parts of their heritage and their dignity feeds Rebellion, filling it with a new blood. Cassian knows it for sure being the creation of Separatist movement himself.
"There are people that want to join us on Uquine. We have to decide if they are sincere. They are," he assures Kay. "We'll just check, that's it. Sounds too easy if you ask me."



    Cassian is quick to judge that Uquine is easy, that the cell there is sincere in its wish to join the Rebellion. Kay briefly looks down at the datapad, and it is pretty much the gist of the mission, put in a very simple, laconic way. But Cassians immediate judgement is the problem. Maybe Kay was preparing himself for the wrong kind of problems yesterday. Maybe it wouldnt be as much obedience or lack of physical training, but thisquick judgements, beliefs, too much enthusiasm without any critical thinking. To put it shortly, youth.
    There, Kay points at him with a corner of his datapad. You just single-handedly killed the Rebellion. Bravo. It took you exactly half the day on the job. Youre free to go, there is nothing else to do here.
    Kay returns to his datapad. Waits.
[nick]Kay Tooesso[/nick][status]what are the odds[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<br><center><a href="">IDENTIFICATION CARD</a><br><br><img src=""><br><b>Kay Tooesso</b>, <br>Alliance intelligence officer</center>[/LZ]



[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian looks at himself looking for a spot Kay in pointing at. He doesn't see one, but Kay's word clarify everythig. Cassian is the spot. The one that killed the Rebellion.
"What? No!"
Cassian's mind rushes madly through his options. To say he was trying to fool Kay? But that's almost their mission. To refuse? To apologize? For what then? For killing the Rebellion accidentally? For having an opinion? For declaring it?
For not checking - Cassian understands it in a moment. A good intelligent officer shouldn't trust no one. Even his own guts, if he can't prove that feeling with some facts.
Cassian, being not sure what he has to do, stands up. Ho looks at Kay, and then sits down once again.
"Kay," he calls, "sir? It was... I'm wrong. It's my fault. I don't have any information to back up my judgment, which makes it a very poor judgment."
He tries to catch Kay's sight to see if the man is up to.
"I can do better than that. I will do better. Please?"

Cassian Andor (2018-04-02 23:37:21)



    Kay doesnt react to Cassians exclamation. He doesnt react to him standing up or sitting down. He doesnt react to his own name. He does, however, react to Cassians plea, but not because the kid sounds desperate and clearly upset at the turn of the events. Kay lifts up his head.
    Youre still here, he says. Remarkable.
    Kay looks at Cassian intently for a few moments before continuing, First you exclaimed. A predictable reaction to the realization of your own mistake. Then you were trying to come up with a plan. Probably trying to decide how to wiggle out of the situation with minimum damage to your pride. Then you chose to admit your mistake. Then you chose to evaluate your actions and reflect on them. Then you informed me you thought you werent a lost cause.  And pleaded. I think I got everything right.
    Nothing in Kays tone of voice gives away if he liked Cassians reaction, or Cassian himself, or dissecting Cassians reaction and Cassian himself. He looks just as calm and indifferent as usual, but there is something in his eyes, a little speck of interest for a momentblink and youll miss it. Kay decides then and there that he likes the task. He begins to understand why the general is so fond of the kid. If anything, he didnt give up even though he was dismissed.
    Ah, of course, Kay adds after a little pause. You also didnt give up. Catch.
    He throws his datapad to Cassian. On it, there is a note on Uquine containing anything and everything that the Rebellion intelligence was able to gather up on the planet prior to the mission. Its not much but it is something. The names of places and some people, short characteristics of the terrain, and short history, and even shorter note on the events there nowadays. To put it bluntly, nothing happened on Uquine since the Empire has overtaken it.
    Next time you make a mistake, leave out the exclamation, your opinion of yourself and any type of plea you can think of. The rest was good. I would tell you not to make mistakes at all, but the odds of that are non-existent. Kay nods at the datapad, Now lets make you as informed on Uquine and its people as I am. Then we can discuss our course of action. We have to leave in an hour, so evaluate your questions carefully and dont ask the stupid ones.
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K-2SO (2018-04-03 00:29:40)



Kay doesn't react at all at first. He doesn't show he has heard Cassian. Doesn't show he notices he is still here. Cassian doesn't like it, but prepares himself for a long waiting. He'll stay around as long as it would take. There is a thin line between being persistent and being annoying he doesn't want to cross. He has to be careful and decides he'll just wait in silence for a start.
Then Kay talks. He breaks down everything Cassian has said. everything he felt. Perhaps even everything he is, yet Kay saves that analysis for later. Cassian doesn't argue. He is slowly getting used to being transparent for Kay and never knowing what the other man is thinking or feeling - if he feels at all. He must be - people capable of rational thinking only tend to support the Empire with its power and resources and all.
He catches the datapad and only then understands he was just welcomed back to the mission planning. This time Cassian stays serious. He is glad but he doesn't want to waste another chance, so he decides he'd better take it more serious his time. He memorizes: no plea, no evaluation of himself, only of his actions, no exclamation.
He memorizes the data in the datapad as well. Uquine turns from a collection of sounds into a collection of words. It is in the Colonies, he was right about it. He is trying to learn everything that might be useful, although he suspects that he won't. There's not much, but there's too much for him.
"What names will we use?" he asks deciding that is the safest question, the one no one would call stupid. "How you decide if anyone is sincere? By just watching the cell, or should we provoke them in some way?"
He waits a bit, not being sure if Kay's advise on leaving out pleas applies to the courtesy in general.
"And thanks," he says anyway. "I can see you don't like me, but thanks anyway for another chance."[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]



    You think you know me well enough to tell if I like you or not, Kay doesnt ask, he states. I dont think you do, but if youre more comfortable believing that then by all means, be my guest.
    In all truth, Cassians judgement isnt bad. Most people seem to think that Kay either dislikes them or downright hates their guts simply because he doesnt smile, he doesnt engage in small talk and he doesnt care much for people. Just for the cause. Thats why he will always be a lieutenant in the Rebellion. Luckily, Kay doesnt care for ranks either. And he certainly doesnt hate anyone around here. He doesnt find anyone interesting enough to either hate or like. And it doesnt matter, even if he did. His likes and dislikes are all left behind when it comes to his job.
    As for your questions, we will go to Uquine and observe the situation for several days first. We will gather information on our surroundings, on the people, on the general situation on the planet. If there is any serious confrontation going on, we will carefully gather information on it from afar and evaluate our options, then decide on our next steps. If not, then after the first few days we shall infiltrate the cell under fake identities and observe, evaluate and report back for at least a couple of weeks. We will not engage in any activities more than needed to uphold the legend. We will not do anything rash, or stupid, or dangerous. We will not break our pretense regardless of circumstances. If either one of us is uncovered, the other one shall proceed with the mission. Understood?
    Kay lays out the entire mission, and there is immediately a part of him that tries to calculate the odds of failure on any step. The odds of Cassian blowing their cover. The odds of himself blowing their cover. The odds of Cassian doing something rash and not thinking his actions through. The odds of the cell being a trap laid for the Rebellion intelligence officers. Kay still thinks that, out of all the possible missions, this one is the easiest, most comfortable one to ease someone into the craft. Cassian is lucky.
    Kays first mission was to find and killthey say eliminate in the Rebellion, but thats just a weak excuse to keep their conscience at bayan Imperial officer. A very specific one. He thinks about the man briefly, until his thoughts move on.
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It is impossible. Kay doesn't react the way Cassian expected him to react. He either doesn't notice or ignores Cassian's thanks. He neither argues nor agrees with his words. He answers, yet Cassian still knows no more than he has already known.
Simply impossible. He must be irritated or annoyed with the fact. Instead Cassian can feel a slowly growing admiration inside of him. Kay talks and gives away nothing. He sees everything he wants and he shows what he wants only. Which is nothing. It doesn't really matter if he likes Cassian. Nothing matters if he is that good.
"If I were into being more comfortable and believing in lies, sir, I'd join the Empire," Cassian says just to be sure Kay knows who he's working with - and to buy himself some time to think through Kay's answer.
He talks about the mission in a calm way, leaving some details. Probably he wants Cassian to fill them with some suggestions.
"Then we should join the cell - if there are no confrontations, I mean - separately, right? In that way if one of us is disclosed, another one won't have to explain himself and can proceed with the mission. Right?"
He notices how Kay doesn't specify who of them might be uncovered, who of them may blow everything up. For that he's grateful. Cassian knows if anything happens it will be his fault. He doesn't need to hear it to feel his excitement turning into a responsibility when he understands it's not a game, not a training. The mission is real. It's surprisingly heavy, but he'll manage. He has to.[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]

Cassian Andor (2018-04-04 19:37:20)



    He would have joined the Empire was he born on a different planet to different parents, Kay almost answers. Nobody is standing there with a sign good guys, please, proceed to the Rebellion, bad guys, move over to the Empire in life. Good people work for the Empire. Some of the best people he has known worked for the Empire. But its the past, and it has nothing to do with their mission. By the looks of it, Cassian has to learn the truth the hard way, and Kay says nothing.
    That is correct, he nods.
    If Cassian was a trained intelligence officer, it would be the most reasonable course of action. Infiltrate the cell separately, assess it separately, exit it separately. However, Cassian isnt a trained intelligence officer, and the chances of him making some kind of mistake are high. Too high, for Kays liking. He isnt used to working with a partner. A partner raises the probability of failure. Too bad Cassian isnt some sort of a droid Kay could just give a clear list of orders and be sure he would follow them.
    However, we are not going to do that, Kay continues after a small pause. You are not experienced enough to infiltrate anything on your own, yet. So we are to come up with a legend that would explain why you and I are traveling together, and why one of us might be surprised at the other one being an agent. It raises the chances of trouble should one of us be uncovered thus making the task more difficult, but it also lowers the chances of you dying a premature death. I would rather deal with largely avoidable trouble than with an almost inevitable death.
    Kay stands up and takes the datapad from Cassian, sets it on the table and turns back to the kid. Something changes in him almost imperceptibly at first, something in the stance, in the way he holds his head, his shoulders. His dark eyes become warmer, as if someone just switched him on. Or changed him altogether. Its like those magical drawings that only appear on a blank sheet of paper if you add some water to it.
    Kay holds out his hand to Cassian and says, So nice to meet you, my name is Nigel Harr, and when he talks, he has a pronounced Corellian accent. He seems more relaxed, friendlier, easier to approach.
    He also smiles warmly.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian stares at Kay's hand. No, not Kay's. This is Nigel Harr's hand. Nigel Harr speaks with that specific bold accent that many Corellians have, the one that always gives the impression than Empire can try but it won't take from them anything they don't want to give. He smiles in a way that it's almost impossible to not return it. The air around him screams self-confidence and luck. He looks like a man you want to stay close to. To become friends, maybe, if you are lucky enough.
Nigel Harr is a fiction, not a man. A character Kay uses for a mission. And a pretty good one. Cassian can do that himself - not as quickly, of course, not as neat, but he knows how to change his own skin. What surprises him is how easy is it for Kay to be nice and how he doesn't use his skill while on the base.
"Nigel Harr," Cassian shakes the man's hand. "Nice to meet you."
He doesn't try to mimic a Corellian accent knowing anyone could hear its imperfection in comparison with Kay's. Instead, he reinforces his natural one, he's taken with him from Fest.
Cassian doesn't hide his surprise with changes in Kay, but he tries to conceal a relief he is feeling. He won't be alone. The task will be more difficult, but he'll manage. They will.
"Are you a smuggler or a trader? Anyway, we may travel together, because... You could hire me, for instance, just before the flight. You don't know me well enough, you had no idea I am connected to anyone. If I'm exposed, I'll say I needed you to cut suspicion. If we are checked, they would check you more thoroughly, cause you're older, so it's a good fake reason. Better?"
He hesitates a bit, then asks.
"How long did it take you to become that good?"



    Cassian reinforces his Festian accent, but thats the only thing he does so far. The kid has much to learn, but all in due time. Kay isnt worried about it so much now. The only benefit of being a beginner intelligence agent is that nobody will remember you anywaytoo small, too insignificant, too improbable. Thats the right characteristic, Cassian being an agent is too improbable at this stage. Hes fifteen. Fifteen year olds are anything but rebel intelligence agents. Usually.
    Ah-huh, Kay shakes his head and laughs lightly, havent fooled me yet, kid. And neither, he adds. A slicer. And you, my dear friend, is going to be my new apprentice. I heard you know a thing or two about decoding? Where did you learn that? No, first things first. What is your name?
    Kay adds one layer over another. First the accent, the stance, the way of holding himself, the warmth. Then the profession, the confidence in being useful for the rebel cell, the way he phrases things. Now the antics, the thoughts that are too quick for the mouth to follow, the lightness to his laugh, all the little gestures. When it comes to creating a character for himself, a faux persona, Kay is an artist. The general once told him he wouldnt believe the stories didnt he see Kay at work with his own eyes. Useless flattery.
    Kay has been doing this forwhat, twenty-one?many years by now. And when he got recruited, when he had his own Kay to introduce him to the craft, he was told hes a natural. If fates turned out differently, he would have been an actor. Instead, he is an Alliance intelligence officer. Kay looks at Cassian and carefully considers what else they need to change in him, if anything. His name is an obligatory precaution. His face is new, nobody will remember it. His accentthat detail is good. His backstory, to some extent. How he came to be a slicers apprentice.
    As far as Kay managed to learn so far, everybody always needed a good slicerespecially if there were two for the price of one, ready to begin their work right away.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Cassian tries really hard not to smile to Kay and to remember, that's not Kay who is smiling and laughing and calling him a friend. It's only Nigel.
He can smile, of course. But he decides that him not reacting may be a start. He wants to, but he doesn't show it. No one would consider it to be a proper fooling, but it's a start. He has to start somewhere. Besides, an edgy attitude may work for him. He's a teenager from Fest, and Fest isn't well-known for its matey people.
"I'm Jeron," he says, trying to hide that reciprocal smile, he can't get rid off in an answer. "It's a very common name on Fest, and it's my real middle name. It's not mentioned anywhere in papers here, on a base, so there won't be any risk. And I will react to it naturally."
Cassian tries to look through Nigel at Kay and to see what the man thinks of it. Whether his attempt of covering his lack of ability to lie and conceal his real emotions with truth can work or not. It's not like he's in desperate need of Kay's approval. But he is, probably, the best one Cassian has ever seen in their line of work, and he wants to be as good as the man.
He stalls with the first question he was asked, mostly because he's not sure who asked him. Was it Kay and he is interested in Cassian's answer. Was it Nigel and he wants to know if Cassian is able of coming up with a plausible explanation.
Truth to be told, it's harder to know nothing about decoding for him. As a child he was given simple codes to entertain himself in his parents' separatist cell. And in the Rebellion, where people were fighting while he was just living, he has been always looking for a way to help. In decoding it didn't matter he was small and weak. And it was interesting and not boring - just perfect for a kid on a base not intended for children. But that's something Kay probably knows by now. Why would he ask about that?
"We have a research Imperial facility on a planet. So we have plenty of research Imperial facility stuff on a black market. Every second one, who must provide for himself, knows something about decoding. It's an easy money - the one you earn with just your brain. And every first one who is any good in it wants to leave the planet. That's how I ended up with you."
He looks at Kay again.
"Will it work? What should I change?"



    Jeron, Kay says, clumsily mimicking Cassians pronunciation, adding that extra bounciness to the sound of it.
    He keeps smiling pleasantly and nonchalantly, like a person without a care in the world. Even though he is pretending to be someone else, he isnt pretending to feel someone elses emotionshe remembers his own happy moments, and they make him smile sincerely. A gesture he isnt used to but Nigel Harr is. He looks at Cassian waiting for him to continue answering.
    A part of him is surprised the kid isnt beaming back at himof all people, Cassian seemed to be the kind of person who would. But then again, maybe they changed their roles here, and Cassian wants to pretend he doesnt smile. Ever. He definitely pretendshis eyes lit up, even though his lips dont move. Theyre still on the base, and the game is on. Kay doesnt call him out on it, not yet.
    You tell me, kiddo, he shrugs his shoulders as if he would buy anything Cassian told him. He wouldnt. You know more about Fest than I do, not true. And you certainly know more about Jeron than I do, true.
    Kay looks at Cassian for a little while, his eyes inquisitive but still flooded with warmth. A person who had a kid or a little brother would know this look. Its the look that Kay keeps in the very depths of his memory, only ever pulling it to the surface for the missions like this one. Nigel Harr is amiable and he treats his little protégé like he would a brother. It fits, so Kay lets the detail stay.
    What you should change isnt your story, its the way you tell it. Your main instrument shouldnt be your words, it should be your entire body. You can say complete and utter nonsense, but if your body moves the right way, people will believe you, its quite a bit more complex than that, but Kay doesnt want Cassian to drown in the nuances so early on. He places a hand on the kids shoulder and squeezes it lightly, Your shoulders are stiff when you talk. Its the first telltale. He removes his hand. Look at me and try to tell, if Im lying or not. Dont listen to your head, though. Switch it off for a moment and trust your gut.
    Although the words themselves clearly belong to Kay, the rest belongs to Nigel. Its Nigels smile, his accent, his little gesture, his flamboyant attitude. He steps back, visibly drops the charade and looks Cassian in the eyes, his gaze steady and calm.
    Before coming here I worked on a mine on one of the Colonies. The work was dirty and tedious, I hated it with my guts and only ever wanted to get off the stupid rock and do somethinganythingelse, Kay covers his throat with his palm, and his shoulders rise. I got lucky, ran from the mine when I was seventeensome merchants picked me up. I got very lucky. They traded old-school books mostly. The old worlds tales and kids books, and I remember I would try to read every single one before they got sold. They treated me fairly well. I worked hard, sometimes harder than on a mine, but it was fun. Hard work, yeah, Kay trails off. He stands very still, his breathing heavier than usual. He looks upwards and to his right for a moment before continuing, Either way, that was much better than dying on that shitty planet. It was a dick move to leave my family on it, though. The decision I still regret to this day.
    Kay shakes his head. Looks away for a second.
    Then adds, They died slaves, and I didnt.
    And his gaze returns to Cassian. Again, the same inquisitiveness in it, and warmthnot his own, Nigels. Nigel is back.
    What do you think?
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]Kay doesn't answer, but he explains how to lie successfully instead. That's better that simple yes or no answer, that will help Cassian to construct his lies more carefully. He tries to relax his shoulders under Kay's hand. He decides his story in believable enough and switches to listening to Kay, to watching Kay, to absorb everything he wants to share.
Kay is doing something impossible. He shuts down Nigel and becomes himself again. Or, perhaps, just someone who is almost himself, but displaying all emotions Cassian knows and some he doesn't even have names for. A story, the way Kay is moving, the pain and sorrow radiating from him astounds Cassian. For a moment he can't even breathe. Then emotions fade, and Nigel once again takes the place of Kay.
Cassian is silent for another moment. He's collecting himself. He's trying to think. Either Kay is the best actor in a galaxy, or he's opened his heart to share that pain. Just like that. For educational purposes. And - that almost scares Cassian - any of those versions might be truth.
He tries to stop thinking then Thinking doesn't help him much with this. He remembers Kay, the way he moved, the way he looked, the way he talked. He can't calculate the answer, so he tries to feel it. To simply know it.
"I think... I guess you were lying," he says at last. He looks at Kay who's looking at him with warm Nigel's eyes and has a face of a friend.
"But if I'm wrong, Nigel... Kay - I'm so sorry."

Cassian Andor (2018-04-21 20:08:19)



    Kay can almost see the cogs twisting and turning in Cassians head as he tries to calculate the answer. Some years of practice, and hell be able to do it if not instantly then much, much quicker. For now, Kay lets the kid think for as long as it will take him to arrive to some sort of a conclusion. Upon hearing his answer, Kay nods and chuckles a little at the little adorable way in which Cassian offers his empathy.
    Dont be, I made it all up, he says.
    Thats not exactly true, he didnt make it all up. Most of it, but not everything.
    Kay thinks for a moment. He could ask the kid, make him think about all the little things that give away a liar. Its possible Cassian would even name some, but hes more likely to see the difference if presented with the other side of the spectrum. Kay doesnt drop the charade this time but does drop the smile.
    Watch me again, he instructs Cassian. Before coming here I worked on a mine on one of the Colonies. The work was dirty and tedious, I hated it with my guts and only ever wanted to get off the stupid rock and do somethinganythingelse, Kay says again, but this time his pose is more fluid, his shoulders are moving a little as he speaks. I got lucky, ran from the mine when I was seventeensome merchants picked me up. They traded books mostly. I remember I would try to read every single one before they got sold. The merchants treated me fairly well. I worked hard, sometimes harder than on a mine, but it was fun, he shrugs his shoulders. His breathing is even. Sometimes he looks away, usually to the left, then returns his gaze to Cassian. Either way, that was much better than dying on that shitty planet. It was a dick move to leave my family on it, though. The decision I still regret to this day.
    Kay nods his head a little, almost imperceptibly. Looks down for a second.
    Then adds, They died slaves, and I didnt.
    Once again, his eyes return to Cassian. He tilts his head a little, smiles again.
    What do you think now? What changed? You guess at least three thingsIll answer one of your questions.
    Kay realizes he wont be able to use this leverage forever, but he can exploit it for now.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]"Good," Cassian nods and smiles for a first time since Kay has become Nigel. He is glad he answered correctly, but more than that he is glad Kay's story is made up. That's a very sad story, the one, that should be just a story, not a biography.
He watches Kay again and frowns, because it's the very same story, the very same Kay, the very same everything. But, knowing the story now, he listens less carefully and finally he notices. A little things - gestures, glances - the ones you can miss in a blink. And the story suddenly is different.
This change and the fact that he was able to catch sight of it excites Cassian.
"You looked the other way. Left instead of right. You breathed differently like... I can't explain, just differently. And your shoulders! relaxed, just as you told me. I noticed that too."
He looks to his left remembering Kay's speech again.
"And, maybe, that thing with you head. Like you were agreeing with yourself, nodding to your words. And the first time you shook your head, like you didn't and tried to contradict what you've just said. And then..." he looks at Kay looking for any sign of approval. "You looked down? As if you were ashamed of what you've done. And... There must be something else, but I didn't catch it."



    Thats enough, kiddo, Kay says softly, still in Nigels voice, and only then drops the persona again. In case youre wondering, its Nigels story before he became who he is today. I repeated it twice, whatever you remember is what you know about him if anybody asks.
    He must admit, Cassian isnt all that bad at this. The general certainly wasnt a fool to put the kid hereeven the learning process excites him. Kay thinks for a moment then lifts up eight fingers. The probability of Cassian catching every single thing was low, but he did fulfil the taskhe named not three but four. Half of the things Kay was showing him. He considers if the bar he set for Cassian was too low. Then decides it was alright, the kid deserves a bit of a treat for his efforts today and for the future failures, too. Whenever they come.
    Right now you are quite average at this, Kay says in his usual calm and dispassionate voice. You named five things. I dont count the one about me looking down cause it doesnt matter if I look away to the side the way I did or downits not a sign of lying. I dont count the one about the shoulders, because I pointed it out to you, Kay puts one finger down. The other three that you named were correct. Looking to the right indicates the person is addressing their imagination instead of their memory. A person who is lying tends to breath heavier, they are naturally nervous. Shaking head while talking is more often than not a telltale as well, you explained that well enough for me to repeat, Kay puts down three other fingers. Your result is fifty percent, minus five points for the overthinking. Forty-five percent total. Average.
    Kay isnt disappointed in Cassian or scared for him. Apart from the fact that outside the mission he doesnt really care for the kid, its a perfectly normal result. He has seen people with worse results do good. Cassian is going to be alright if he sets his mind to learning behavioral language, body language. The probability that the excited kid is going to try and analyze everything that breathes is very high. Kay is not going to stop him.
    The other signs were me repeating my own wordsconvincing myself as well as you; covering my throat to protect myself; standing stiff; looking you in the eyes all the time. The probability of you remembering all of this on a mission is around twenty-five percent so I dont expect you to, Kay puts his hands down. Now. What is your question? Choose carefully, this is the only freebie you are going to get.
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[status]odds? what odds?[/status][icon][/icon][LZ]<b>Cassian Andor</b>, <br>your trouble[/LZ]There are things he has seen and understood correctly. Kay explains them anyway, and Cassian tries to remember everything. It's harder than it could be, because he tries to do it twice. To memorize each sign as something he should be able to recognize in other people and as something he must control and remember while talking to someone.
There are thing he didn't see. Kay explains them too. Cassian remembers himself looking at Kay constantly while creating his story. That was a tell then. Along with his shoulders, his breathing and maybe looking the wrong side. He can't remember if he even looked. He didn't notice, didn't pay attention to his own actions. He's not average at this. Were Kay not his mentor but a real enemy, he would be disclosed or even dead. Cassian is not going to die, he plans to live long enough to see the Rebellion winning the war and, maybe, if he is good enough and skilled enough and lucky enough, he'll get a little bit of life after that, just for himself. He has to be better than he is now.
But then again, he still has his reward. Cassian relaxes his shoulders, listens to his breathing, runs through every question he wants to ask - and doesn't ask any.
"Nah," he says trying to look carelessly, while thinking about his sight, his posture, his everything. "Ain't gonna waist it now. I'll ask when I have a good question and when I want to. It's not like I want to know something about you that desperately."
He pauses just for a moment, than remembers and nods to himself.
"My story will work. I'll make them believe in it."
He sounds rather confident, but the only confident part of him is that one that stops him from looking at Kay too close, too often.

Cassian Andor (2018-04-24 21:15:41)


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